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February 17, 2020



I love this. And I love dancing with you. 💙

Julie Tucker-Wolek

An instructor is one of the hardest jobs... I would never think of an instructor, as "just an instructor"... it is something I never could do! New routines, keeping people engaged, helping people... seems a lot like being a teacher to me, and you know I have crazy respect for them! :)

Jen M.

You are correct in saying that you, or anyone, is not JUST an instructor. You are a leader, a mentor, an example setter, a motivator, a teacher, a ray of sunshine, a positive influencer and SO much more. You, along with all those other ‘just instructors’ , are what keeps people coming back. Some might say it’s because they love to dance or because they love the music, but put someone at front and center of a studio, I dare you, who doesn’t have all those qualities and watch who shows up..., even if the same music is played and the same moves are danced. YOU, ALL OF YOU, ‘just instructors’ are SO.MUCH.MORE.

Thank you for doing what you do. For having the strengths and qualities and courage to do what you do. If ‘JUST instructors’ weren’t there, we’d all be dancing alone, to some great music maybe with who knows what kinds of moves; and how much fun would that really be?

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