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August 25, 2018


Stephanie Garlichs

I kept my ring....It reminds me that at one time there was a love and from that love a beautiful daughter. I did have it remounted and I wear it at times. I have jewelry from my mother and I cherish it, but I want a piece of her to live on in my beautiful granddaughters. Five, yes five beautiful granddaughters, so between my jewelry and hers, I will design a ring or necklace so each one has something they can cherish. Love you girl!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I got rid of mine before the ink was dry on the papers! LOL!! My circumstances were different though (as they all are! LOL!) -- there was ugliness beyond ugliness with mine, so I was perfectly fine with getting rid of it - plus, we only had Adam between us - and it's not the same to give it to a son from a broken marriage. There is only one thing I kept from our marriage and that was the wedding video, as all of Adam's family attended, including his great-grandmother that passed away when he was an infant, so for that reason I kept it as I wanted him to have that family connection if he wanted to later on in life. And I know what you mean about the ads - they are INSANE -- I will buy something (actually buy it!) online, and the next 15 ads I see are the same thing I already bought! HA!!! Ummmmm ... dear Facebook, I don't need two, I'm good! LOL! :)

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