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  • "The most important thing she had learned over the years, was that there was no way to be a perfect mother - and a million ways to be a great one". Jill Churchill

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December 14, 2015



You are an amazing mom. There needs to be more moms like you in the world. Also, glad to hear that Bryn is doing well. What a scare! Good thing you had that epipen.


Very scary for all of you, so glad she is doing ok.


So very scary! Hope she's doing better.

Also, I haven't commented in probably years, but always read. Glad to say hi again.

Marcia Rodriguez

I am so sorry for your scare. There is nothing worse than fearing for the safety and life of your child. It is a great thing that you followed your intuition. Get a good night sleep.


Deanna I am so glad she is okay! You trusted your gut and thank God.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

So scary!! I am so glad she is ok!!! Adam is allergic to Ibuprofen .. and we learned that the HARD way!! He had a fever and I had given him over the counter kids medicine and his lips touched his nose and chin and he had welts all over his body .... scariest night of my life ... since then it has been drilled into his head not to have anything with Ibuprofen in it .. scary stuff ....


This just gives me chills. I, too have allergies. I know people think I am a pain when I ask what is in foods or dishes served at dinners. At this point I have not had to use the Epipen but I carry one all the time. When I feel one coming on I do Benedryl and one prednisone. That usually takes care of it but I was at the ER about 3 months ago and I still am not sure what I ate. Prayers for her and for you. Events like that keep you awake at night. I miss your sweet face!!

Kathy Byrne

You are an awesome Mom!

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