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June 10, 2015



Look at those guns!!! WOW! You are amazing! I have a quick question....if you eat just part of the avocado for breakfast, how do you "hold it over" until lunch? Do you take the seed out...cover it in olive oil......just curious. I hate to throw it away and my sweetie does not like it. Thanks for sharing your ideas and I am glad you are back posting!! Love you!!!


If I have leftover avocado, I put it in a ziplock bag with the seed still intact. I've heard that helps to keep it fresh. I've had it stored for 2 days before & it's been fine! Love & miss you, Charla!! Hope all is well!! :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek

You are ONE HOT MAMA!!!! Happy birthday to you, Sis and Bryn!!!!!!!!!!! And her cake looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy McBride

I didn't think you could look any better, but you do....xoxo


So question..... looking for an unbiased opinion. I have a friend who SWEARS by Advocare and the challenges.... The thing that makes me nervous and scared to try is that I have a super (read - SUPER DUPER) sensitive stomach and lots of issues in that department. If something sets me off, I can be sick for days on end. The cleanse part of the challenge scares me, as does taking any kind of "supplement," "replacement," or any of those "spark" thingies. What is your opinion on how it would work for someone with tummy issues?


The very first thing I asked before doing the 24-day challenge was about the cleanse portion because I, too, am super regular & sensitive. The last thing I wanted was to be running off stage in the middle of class to use the bathroom! This is not a colon cleanse like one does to prep for a colonoscopy. This is a liver/kidney cleanse to rid the body of toxins & to prep you for better nutrient absorption. I can assure you that if anyone would've had bathroom issues it would've been me & I did not. You'll stay regular, mind you, just not crazy running to the bathroom. LOL

I gave up caffeine about 20 yrs ago due to heart issues so I don't use Spark. I do occasionally drink their V16 energy mix which is essentially the nutrients like Spark has, but without the caffeine. It's really good. Has a slight fizz to it & tastes like orange soda.

I agree wholeheartedly with what AdvoCare promotes & that's exercise, good nutrition & nutritional supplements. It's very hard for us to get all we need from our diet even if we are eating super clean. I would never suggest using supplements to replace anything though. For instance, their Meal Replacement Shakes are amazing, but I'd rather see someone eat a real meal and to use the shakes occasionally when short on time to replace a meal or as a snack in between meals... not a permanent every day thing.

I'm still learning about all the products we offer, but if you have any other questions about anything I'd be happy to help!

The website is very thorough with info on what each product does and also lists all the ingredients in each. If you question anything you could always show your pharmacist the ingredients & get their opinion!

Hope you have a great weekend, Elysia!


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