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September 18, 2014



Great! I love the scrapbook. Your grandchildren will enjoy these some day!! ......some day far away!!

Judy Morgan

Glad to hear that your parents are safe! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Crazy!!!!!! So last week... we had this INSANE rain here (and since you have been here several times, this will hopefully be familiar to you ... if not, Google is MY best friend! LOL!) ... like SO INSANE that I-10 FLOODED .. the flipping freeway FLOODED ... cars covered in water, abandoned... INSANE ... crazy ... so they had said that this hurricane was literally going to be coming here after Mexico ... they had everyone freaked out after what happened last week ... store shelves were emptied and everything ... oy! and after all that.. 5 minutes of rain! HA!!

Anyhoo ... crazy about your folks! Hoping they get home soon!!!!

Loving the pages ... loving those pencils on the side on the first one!!!!


Your parents will have a great story to tell at their golden jubilee in a few years.

After I started playing with Viva Decor pens, I've been less dependent on Glossy Accents. My little bottle might be feeling neglected... should take it out for my next layout.

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