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March 21, 2014


Julie Tucker-Wolek

Such awesome photos!!! LOVING Bob's kissy face! LOL!! And Bryn is just gorgeous .. just like her Mama!! :) And PS ... Nine weeks now ... mannnnnnnn ... I don't know how all you PEOPLE can stand the SMELL of stuff ... yuck! LOL!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

K ... thinking back on what I just wrote ... lol ... even sounds weird to me ... soooooo what I meant was ... everything STINKS to me now! Guess that means my sense of smell is coming back and I no likey ;)

Kathy McBride

What an awesome story! You made me laugh...I, too am afraid of heights so I can soooooo relate. What a beautiful place to share with your family. You are an inspiration...I just wish I could spend more Zumba time with you.....mwah!

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