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  • "The most important thing she had learned over the years, was that there was no way to be a perfect mother - and a million ways to be a great one". Jill Churchill

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April 15, 2013


Lisa Howard

You ARE a bad {ass} mama jama! And that's a really good thing! Keep on livin' young cause as they say, age is only a number. Seeing that I'm turning 48 (shhh!) a week from Thursday, I am holding tight to that thought! LOL! LOVE those Zumba pants!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Loveeeeee those pants and the card!! LOVING that skate!! And can I just say that I am forever grateful you weren't in that marathon today... :)


Can you come teach Zumba at my Y? Then maybe I'd go :) You are awesome :)

Jing-Jing Nickel

That card is going to be published soon!

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