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April 23, 2013


julie tucker-wolek

Lol!!! Guess I should never let you see my gecko tat then?? Lol! Loveeeeeeeee the lo...rainbow goodness!!

Lisa Howard

LOVE the zebra rug and your layout is super cute. And I'm totally with you on all things non-gecko! Sounds like Bryn could be a distant cousin of my son, Taylor. He is an animal lover. Over the years we had lizards, a snake (long, long story, a hedgehog, dogs (which I was fine with), a sugerglider (which I loathed!), bunnies, hamsters, miniature black bear hamsters, cats...and that's only the pets I knew about! Ha!


I'd think I'd have died and gone to heaven if I had your craft room :)

My kids would love love love a pet. But I figure I have enough mouths to feed, poop to clean up, and doctor appts with them that adding one more creature to the mix would put me over the edge.

True story--Merek wanted pet fish for Christmas. Know what he got? The Magic Fishbowl from Amazon. Best pet fish ever! :)


Ooh, love the rug! I'm sorry Bryn was sad. :( Hope she's ok now.

Jing-Jing Nickel

you ARE in heaven and you did not even have to die to get there baby! That reptile really scares me! I will do the secret dance with and for you!! It's too bad that Bryn was sad but hey, maybe a puppy next?!

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