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February 01, 2012



I visit your blog to see the latest trend in shoes!!! Oh and your crafting too! Love ya,


So, if I post more than one comment does that mean I now have two chances to win????? ;)

Melanie J

Happy Blogday! :-) I read your blog because you are funny, and inspire me both in creativity and life.

Big hugs to you!!

(and you don't need to enter me into your drawing, I think I will have enough NS products soon enough. Hooray!)


i visit to see your fun crafty projects...your work always inspires me :)


I can't remember how I ended up here... maybe through SRM? I just liked your style of scrapbooking and writing: fun & playful goes very well with me.

Happy blogversary!


Even though i am not much of a creative person..I always do not miss any of your Blogs and had Awwed by your creativity and your work..I am glad to have a friend with amazing talent..You are so Awesome my girlfriend...:)

Jing-Jing Nickel

If I make it to St. Louis, please take me shopping?? especially for shoes??? When is the zumbathon??

Cindy Gay

Congratulations on 4 years of blogging and many more creations!

Jennifer O.

I read your blog for the creative ideas but enjoy all the stories you share. I wish I had half your style and could wear those shoes!

Emily Hammann

I started reading your blog and officially following it when I found out we both live in the same area! It has been nice to get inspiration and ideas from someone who lives near me! Contests on blotting for so long!

Emily Hammann

Lol darn autocorrect! I meant congrats on blogging for so long!


love to see the projects and congrats on keeping it going so long and here to many more.


I started "getting to know" you on SIS, and happened upon your blog there. It's funny how we've become friends from that! I've made a few really good friends from SIS! We like to joke that we met online, and we've been together for 4 years, or whatever.
I enjoy seeing your crafty projects on here, of course, but I just read to keep up with how you're doing, too.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I'm a huge Deana, Bryn and Bob fan... maybe you know them?? That's why I come in everyday :):):):):):):):):):) And *wink* no need to enter me in the drawing... you know why! lol! Happy Blogiversary and loveeeee the new shoes! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Antonia Krajicek

LOVE those shoes!! Ha :)

Happy 4th blogging Bday! I'm so happy to have met you through this wonderful online world. I enjoy all your posts, but I really do love your scrapbook style. I also enjoy how you share bits and pieces of everyday life. It keeps your blog feeling very "real".

Aimee K

Happy 4th blogger Birthday!! And here's to more years of seeing your creative fabulousness!!

This is the first time visiting your blog. I was coming over to get some SRM sticker inspiration since I've already seen a few projects where you've rocked some SRM stickers!! Loving everything I've seen!! And OH how I'd love to win me some Nikki Silvils scrap supplies!!


Wow, Deana, 4 years blogging is wonderful. I love to come and look at all of your wonderful layouts. You are an awesome designer.


I love to visit your blog to see your scrapbooking - so inspirational! (oh - and your shoes of course - loooove the shoes). :)

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