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November 30, 2011


Emily Hammann

LOL... it's against the law! I love that!!!!! Well, I would have totally been arrested, because we put up our decorations the day BEFORE Thanksgiving... but we weren't going to be at home for a few days, so I guess it's okay, right? LOL. Love the layout!!! Beautiful tree!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

You know I loveeeeeeeeeeee the title of your post, right?? *wink* :)

I saw your lo on NS blog this AM... and I was like, "REALLY?!?!?!?!?! Katrina had to put my lame one RIGHT by her AMAZING one??!!!??? REALLY?!?!?!?" :):):):):):):)

Yep... that's what I think of your lo... AMAZING!! :):):):):):):):):):):)


Oh technology is passing me by!! lol, ain't got no cell phone that takes pictures!! lol. Yours is GREAT :) You and your twine, almost spat out my gum chucklng!! lol

Antonia Krajicek

I saw your status on FB, and must say I totally agree with your law! Such a cute picture and an adorable page :)


Love it! My kids are begging to put up our tree but I'm resisting until next week.

Cute LO--love the hanging ornaments. :)

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