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September 14, 2011



You SCORED Missoni?? Are you serious?? EBAY the stuff now and RETIRE!!!!!


Congrats on being a Zumba teacher now, Deana!! GREAT!
And I love that travel valet you bought.
Enjoy your high school reunion and I hope Bryn will enjoy her camp!


Andi @udandi

Congrats on your Zumba certification.

I was following Craft Test Dummies FB fan page this past weekend and actually thought of you b/c you were one of the first bloggers I knew who joined DT for scrapbooking. Since I work outside the home & blog and am not pursuing DT, it's not really anything for me to comment on, but as been an eye-opener.

I love LMFAO!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I saw that post on someone's blog and its a great discussion! :):):):):) CONGRATS on being a zumba instructor! And hoping Bryn has fun at her camp! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)


I was at Target yesterday morning at 9:30. The Missoni displays were empty. There were people pulling 2-3 carts full of the stuff. I had no idea what they were doing. It will be interesting to see if people really make a lot of money off of it.

Big Congrats on your Zumba certification! That is really exciting--wish I could take a class from you. The instructors here are so-so.

The discussion is a good one . . . DH always tells me it's not worth my time to design for product.

Hope Bryn has fun. When my oldest DD went to 5th grade camp, I had a hard time. She was only gone three nights. I think it's a bit ridiculous for kids that age to go to an overnight camp. Well, maybe it's safer than when they are in HS . . .


Way to go on becoming certified in Zumba! Would love to come take a class from you! :)

Have FUN, FUN at your 25-year reunion! Do you know what you're gonna wear? ;)

Antonia Krajicek

Jealous of the MIssoni AND that deep tissue massage!


congrats on being certified with Zumba... me? I'm still just a beginner...

Can't wait to reunion photos...

And the camp thing... I think I'd be going with them as a parent helper... I think I'd go crazy not knowing what she's up to... hope you get (or got) through it okay...
{{hugs}} Michelle

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