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August 04, 2011



Poor you.... ;-(
Hope the shoulder will be better soon!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek

Hope it feels better soon!! Brian is looking for a league again... I miss him playing!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Antonia Krajicek

I miss playing softball too! I played up until two years ago. Going to the cages was always one of my favorite ways to take out the aggression from the day. Hope you heal up soon!


can't wait to see those recreational photos of you playing softball. ;)

hopefully ice has been helping the pain on the shoulder.



How are you my friend? Enjoying summer, I hope :)

This post cracked me up. We had a family reunion in July with some relay races. I'm too competitive to not go all out and was SO SO sore for three days afterwards. Gotta get those muscles moving again.

Have a great day!


golly I hope by now you're feeling better... take care!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

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