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March 06, 2011


Chris Aiton

Sounds like you had an incredible Friday night!!!!! Enjoy your cricut - I don't have a die cutting machine but I keep such positive things about them - and to get one for a really good price is awesome! Have a great week!

Jing-Jing Nickel

Welcome to the cricut world my friend. I like mine and I use mine. I have a total of 14 cartridges, which is nothing compared to most people, but that's good enough to keep me happy and occupied. I am with you re: pinterest... though I have never gotten an invitation, lol.


Cricut = craziness! Some people get so obsessed with buying all the cartridges they can. I love having just a few staples for mine (although, I really DO want Create A Critter).

Everyone seems to have a Pinterest now. I'm hesitant to join the bandwagon. But to have images all in ONE SPOT?!... Gaah. Why do I feel like I just talked myself into it?


I love how social you are :) A bit jealous . . .

You will love your Cricut. I don't have one (I have a Slice) but my mom does so I just use hers when we visit if I want something.

Pinterest--I'm resisting, resisting, resisting (let's see how long that lasts LOL).


I'm always enjoying your happy photo's, Deana!! You're always surrounded by so many beautiful people!
I once had a Cricut but I didn't like it and sold it. Perhaps I'll be sorry when you'll show us the projects you're going to create with yours... ;-(



Love your photo's looks like so much fun!!! Have fun with your Circut I would love to have one!!

Antonia Krajicek

Looks like a ton of fun!!! I hope you enjoy your Cricket :)

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