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February 26, 2011


Chris Aiton

Oh you poor thing - that just sounds so painful! I am cringing just reading your description - I so hope your finger improves quickly - but wow! you will have a new fingerprint! Hope your weekend goes well and you can get a good night's sleep - that always helps so much with the healing process.


i'm glad you don't have an infection...but i'm sorry that it still hurts so bad. i do know what it's like. i cut off the very tip of my finger a few years ago when i was making dinner one night...and it's no fun. however, once you're all healed up, you'll have a scar and a story to make you feel like a bad a$$ ;-)


I just ordered "It's Raining, It's Pouring" today from! Sorry about the finger still being a sore subject. :(


I totally thought that you had a major major cut, the only thing worse would have been chopping your finger off completely!!! You need to take pain killer!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! And you all ready know my thoughts on you know my history...and that's all I gonna say *wink* :):):):):):):):):):):):) I totally would agree that for this... anyone would need pain ya girl... and hope you feel better soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Denise Morrison

Oh my gosh Deana. I just cut my finger before we moved and it was so bad I almost fainted-and I am NO wimp! If I had a pain killer I would have taken one to!! Glad you are okay but don't be surprised if it's tingly and weird feeling for quite some time. Your Dad sounds like a hoot.

oh-FYI, there is a great homeopathic called "rescue remedy" you can get it at any health food store. It is completely safe and perfect for scary/stressful situations like your finger. It's good to have on hand for your family.
take care!

kim whitten

Oh my goodness Deana! That sounds horrific...I'm one that doesn't have a high tolerance and I get queesy just thinking about THIS! :P
Prayers that you heal quickly and as painlessly (with or without pain killers) as possible!!! :)

Amy H

I know what that's like, Deana. I once sliced my finger open, doing a demo at a tradeshow with a very sharp knife -in front of people! LOL - The pain killers are def. needed- no need to explain! Love that you said it hurt like a mother f-er! LOL!


your dad is cute... love that comment... btw... forgot to congratulate Bryn... on the art exhibit... what a great thing... yeah for her!!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

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