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December 07, 2010



seriously, you are a rockstar! :)

...and ummm, i wouldn't miss zumba to watch your segment either. ;) jk! well, at least i'd set the dvr too. haha!

oh, and thanks so much for all of that repetitive encouragement with the working out. it has helped me a lot! :)


I was wondering how it went yesterday!! Glad it went well!
That's funny - I'd totally DVR it & go to Zumba too!


Hooray! It sounds like it was so much fun. Can't wait to watch :)


Sounds awesome! And the opportunities that are presenting themselves for you from this one segment - wow!

Cheers for Bob for taking pics for you, too!

Lisa Howard

How freakin' AWESOME! Wish I was local so I could catch the segment. Bet you were your usual amazing self! xoxo -L


Look at you!!!
All famous and stuff!!
This is so cool! I'll be down in February...maybe they'll air it then!

Chris Aiton

This is so awesome!!!!! Love your outfit and how it works so well with the tv person. That is so cool that they want you for more segments!!! You are going to show us the video after you dvr it - right? I look forward very much to seeing it. Go Girl!!!!


I'm not sure I could watch myself on TV... I'm my worst critic! I gave a talk in Texas last week that was recorded, and that made me so nervous!

I'm sure you did great, and I'm sure the edited version will be TV perfect!

Georgia Visacri

OMG, you're sooooooo chic, Deana! And look GORGEOUS too, I really wish I could watch it!!

Chantal B.

May I have your authograph? Wow! Way to go! I wish I could have that kind of experience someday. Sorry that I'm not local, I sure would watch it! Love the space you have. Wish you great success!
Chantal (Canada)

Jing-Jing Nickel

AWESOME. Make sure you upload the episode to UTUBE!!!!

Antonia Krajicek

Wow!! You're going to be a crafting celebrity. I'm glad every thing went as planned. Don't get a speeding ticket racing home from class to watch it :)

Glenda Tkalac

Your craft room looks amazing, I can totally see why they wanted to film it!!! I would love to see the episode, let me know if there becomes a link available. You looked gorgeous and I'm sure you did fine!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

You are a ROCK STAR!! That is soooooooooooooooo cool!!!!! And YAYYYYYYYYY for Bob coming home to get pics!!! He ROCKS TOO! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Amy H

How cool is that??! And WOW what a craft room!! I need me that kind of space - oh and those card rounders - so cool!! Did you get those from a store going out of business! Congrats on your big break! ;)

LEa Albers

Awesome, I hope you enjoy it very much.
I love your craft-room!


WOW you are going to be a celebrity!!! Love the pics (you look stunning, as usual)!!!!


I'm so glad it all went well, Deana!! You looked stunning and so does your craft room!!

Hugs, Jenneke


whoa! you were on tv?! congrats!

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