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October 03, 2010


Sasha Holloway

Okay wow I love the process and how you go about doing things. How cute is that note. I need to do some 2pagers but I am not as brave LOLOL.

Girl you are SO talented .. **sigh**


Wow, you are so organized...that is so great to that!And I don't even begin at a two pager..have so much trouble to make something of them! You always do a wonderful job with them!
That note of Bryn is soooo sweet!Can't wait to see the whole kit goodness from you!


Deana, you are a great scrapper, you know that right? I know you know it already! I can't wait for the issues of CK where you are in it!!! So looking forward to those!! Bryn is so sweet!


I think that BRYN is takingggggggggggggggggg tipssssssssssssssssssss frommmmmmmmmmmmmmm MEEEEEEEEEEEEE on 'how to write the perfect notes'!!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that note she gave you...and LOVING the sneaks! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Antonia Krajicek

You have the sweetest daughter EVER. She seems wise beyond her young years.

Thanks for the peek inside your process! It's fun to see how others fuel their creativity. That's a great idea to print off the peeks to get a head start! :)

Jillian Cassity

haha omg, youre scaring me, i havent made my two pager yet!! im soo behind since ive been on vaca. congratulations on getting your two pager done though, i bet it looks fabulous!
what a great idea to write down ideas on what to create with the kit though, youve inspired me to do the same!


Fun to see your process, too. Hilarious that we both posted about it this month :) You are right, great minds . . . LOL!

Sorry the 2-pager causes you stress! I'll try to make the sketch easier to work with this month :)

Bryn is so sweet!! I love getting notes from my kids, too. It just makes my heart so happy!!


Love ready how you make your layouts. I must admit that I am not theat organised. I always have trouble with a two pager, simply because I never fill one page so two is ever more difficult. Can't wait to see your layouts. The sneak peeks look gorgeous.


Sorry for the spelling mistake. Wanted to say: LOVE READING not love ready, and THAT not theat. My brain is in scrap not spelling mode.


what a great story!!! Bryn, is soooooooo sweet!!! I love it when Rainee does stuff like that for me too... although her notes are more like... I love you... oxoxoxo Rainee with hearts.... but I know more words will come... can't wait to see this 2pager... i'm sure it's fab... it's just us that's our worst critic.... can't wait...
{{hugs}} Michelle

Chris Aiton

thanks for sharing your process - and what a lovely note! Have a great week!


Awww what a sweet girl you have. And I am loving the sneak peeks, can't wait to see!


What a sweet note Bryn wrote you!!! I would be in tears when the boys woukd do that (they won't, but I keep hoping that one day....) Anyway, you sneak peak looks great, can't wait to see the rest!!!


What a sweet note! :)

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