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September 13, 2010



There's a one-step process to transfer all of your blogs from Bloglines to Google Reader... I had to do it as well (and I'd only started using Bloglines after you'd shown this LO!).

Sadly, I don't really like Google Reader. It's not as nice. :(


We love Sequence in our house! great photos. Sorry about bloglines...


I like my Google Reader. I hope you get used to it.
Starting girls off early with the high heels...Great idea!!!
My daughter loves to wear mine too...she's an amazon already...heels make her taller than me!!!


Why does she want to wear her easter dress and white sandals?


She's such a fashionista, I do wonder where she gets it from.. hmm... who can it be? :)

Too much running you do my dear, lol. Okay, tomorrow night, at the Y, I'm taking my first Zumba session, it won't be pretty!


sounds like a loaded weekend... but a very productive one. i put in only about 2 mi a day... i have no idea how you keep up with this. it's tiring! haha.


Amber Zimmerman

aw. . .that stinks about bloglines!
Your daughter is so beautiful. . .she is your mini me fo' sho'! :)


Wow, you had a very busy but fun weekend!That bloglines issue sucks ;)Beautiful photo's! How can Bryn even walk on those shoes ;)yay for winning and learning so well!And I go often to bed that early;), guess I need the sleep.

Chris Aiton

Sounds like you had a very busy but fun weekend!!! lots of good fun and good times! I have used Reader for quite a while and really like it - hopefully you can figure out a way to transfer your favs in a mass transfer. Good luck!


Wow -- your weekend sounds super busy. Whole Foods deli sounds so good right now! And so sorry to hear about bloglines -- bummer!


I totally thought of you when I saw the announcement about blog lines... what a pain... I love love love love the photos... sounds like an AWESOME weekend!! And I sooooooooooooo love sequence! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Antonia Krajicek

Sounds like a busy weekend for you! That is a huge bummer having to move all of your blog roll over...ugh! Good luck :)

Shell Turner

What happened. Bryn grew so big over the summer!? She looks much much older wearing those heals, no glasses and no braces!

Great photos. I missed my Zumba class last night ....I always think of you at zumba and have a mantra whenever it gets hard "I want a zumba body, I want a zumba body!!"


WOW look at Bryn, she is so beautiful and stylish like mom!!! That was a busy weekend, but all fun things I think!!!


Bryn has a great taste in shoes :)

Jillian Deiling Cassity

Bryn is such a doll!! So hilarious she likes to raid her mommys closet, i dont blame her! I want to raid your closet too, hahaaa.
i love her american girl dolls, i kept the one i had when i was little, youre never too old for them! :)


sorry about bloglines... what a pain... love all the photos... somuch fun!!! {{hugs}} Michelle

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