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August 06, 2010



I seem to always end up in hot places... so I'm always wishing for cool weather... Here in Florida I've had enough of summer by the time it officially starts!

I love the new SRM stickers, Nikki Sivils' new collections and the Prima Road Trip... but I need to make a bigger dent on my old stuff before I go on a shopping spree!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I LOVE that October Afternoon!!!!

That Bella Blvd "Socialite" is perfect for you!

I've been thinking of fall too. I saw a cute sweater and a purse in Target yesterday that I might be going back to get....

Antonia Krajicek

You picked some of my favorite new things I've spotted online! It's good to know that they're as wonderful in person! I hear you on the heat thing, at least we don't have the killer humidity to go with it. Keep cool :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek

*sigh* it won't be cool until what Thanksgiving here??? And I believe I remember a certain Deana still wearing a tank when she was HERE in November last year! LOL! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your finds and I want BOOTS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

kim whitten

I have never purchased the baker's kind of started getting popular when my scrapping bug flew away...I'm still waiting for that sucker to come back!!! I may have to purchase some for inspiration. :)


Oops....fall..I'm not ready for it yet. But when I see those gorgeous shoes, I can imagine you are!!
It's cool here...and it's raining...
Send us some sunshine please! And add some baker's twine when you do, lol.

Enjoy your weekend!!


 sarah de guzman

i seriously lol'd at the craft fair comment. haha. i can't wait to see you create with that basic grey paper! i'm sure i'll be seeing a lot of that in the future. hehe.

...and i totally want that crate paper. it's a must on my list. lol

happy sunday,


Not raising my hands for those them, but I can't walk on such high heals, would be asking for trouble ;)
I love those new lines you showed..WOW!

Michelle Baca

I know... I'm hating the heat... 103 yesterday... and up to 107 this week... ugh.. I want fall too... and love those boots... too cute!!! {{hugs}} Michelle

Kimberly Hutchison

We should have the BG Wander Collection in this week. :) Plus, some of it will be in our September Hip Kit!!! Yippee. Love it!


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