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August 15, 2010


Chris Aiton

How fun to have game night!!! We used to play quite a few games when we lived on our sailboat but Dan isn't really into games so that's been a while! Love your layout (as always). Enjoy the movie - I really enjoyed Sideways and Death at a funeral but I stay away from tear jerkers - I don't need that much video drama in my life. Have a great Sunday!


cute layout...i love the we r memory keepers background paper, too...such fun colors! i just ordered that collection, so i am eagerly waiting for it to get here so i can play!

Sammye Jo

LOVE the LO!!!! Great colors!!


Tell Bob not to worry, he looks younger than you most of the time (which isn't true, but you can tell him that, lol).

Jessi W

Love your page...and I feel like I'm getting Saturdays used to be spent partying and up to all hours, but now it's quiet nights at home with the family...and I love it!!


Tell me if you like Seven Pounds...been wanting to see that! :):):):) And hehehehehehe to his comment about the glasses...tell him I've been wearing them since I was there!! LOL :):):):):):):) LOVING the LO!!! GORGEOUS...and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for clouds...ohhhhhhhhhhh and PS...I MADE PINWHEELS!!! FINALLY!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


I think Bob looks very charming with his readingglasses!!!! love your LO, amazing moon and I love that you added the card of the game you where playing!!!
Haven't seen the movies you watched this weekend (even never heard of them)but I hope you didn't cty to much!!!!!

Jillian Deiling Cassity

fabulous layout, i love that you guys have a night devoted for games! We need to have more game nights over here!

Denise Morrison

fantastic layout-the background paper is my new fav. Tell Bob at our house ALL the grownups have reading glasses! but I do know how he feels.
sideways is a great movie, have you seen Bottle shock? as a wine lover you will like it!

Antonia Krajicek

Great layout! I love the addition of the little clouds and moon. I must be getting older too, because game night sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night :)


LOVE your game night layout - how fun!

ellen s

i was just eyeing up those calendar pages over at For the Luv of Art (ps you should come join us over there!) and now i am kicking myself for not getting them. this layout is sooo cool!


It is another gorgeous layout! and Bob doesn't look old at all!!!


This is probably one of my fav layouts of yours! It is so awesome :)

Game/movie night is a weekly tradition at our house, too. Love the idea to document it.


I love game nights!! How fun!
We had a fun Sat. night too - we took Alison bowling for the 1st time.
I made sure to take a pic of our most attractive shoes for the scrapbook!! :)

Michelle Baca

ummmmmmmm how fun is this??? I love that you have a game night... Steve isn't into that... sadly...but Rainee and I play games all the time... love the lo... you are so great.... it's just too too fun!!! {{hugs}} Michelle

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