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July 01, 2010


Chris Aiton

Art camp looks like a lot of fun! Great projects for the kids and fun for you too! Congrats on the pub - you are so talented and creative! Glad to see your creations in print! Have another super week!


oh my my my... what a fun week of crafting with the girls you've had... totally wish we lived closer to come, Rainee would have loved it!!! Love the pub... congrats again my friend... so happy for you!!! Yeah for Deana!!!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle


Who's that DIVA? LOOOOOOOOL, yayaay for the publication :) ;)
and art camp, can I come? :) I will get a fake id that says I'm 8 :) hahahaha

 sarah de guzman

omg... art camp looks like so much fun! i wanna join in on all the fun. can 26 yr olds play?! :)

and congrats again on the pub. i'm so glad that they finally sent it. got mine yesterday too. it was totally unexpected. your fashionista looks super cute in print! :)


Antonia Krajicek

The art camp projects are so CUTE!!! I imagine you and all the kiddos had a blast. It's wonderful that you had them dabble in so many different art forms.

And congrats on the pub!!!!! :)


I'm with Sarah....can 38 year olds play too????????? :):):):):):):) LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photos and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY for the PUB! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


That looks like tons of fun!!!
Those owls are SO cute!!! Congrats on the pub!!!

Petra Coolen

You did an art camp for kids? Wow, that is such a GREAT idea!
Lots of work I presume but all worth it ;)
Hooray for your pub.


high-5!!! CONGRTA on the pub!!!! thats so exciting!!! its no surprise tho, considering how amazingly talented u are!!!
i ♥♥♥♥♥ the 'art camp' idea!!!! that sounds/looks like soooooo much fun!!!!
i wanna come!!! LOL!!
i wish there was something like that wround here for my littles


I'm so glad you posted about your art camp. I've been wanting to hear how it went. Looks like a ton of fun. Adorable projects!

Yea! for you! You totally rock and deserve tons of pubs :)


That art camp looks like it would have been so much fun. The different activities were very creative and offered a good variety. ;)
Congrats on the pub!
I think I'm going to give that DT call another try this year. Who knows, maybe she'll like my style this year.
Have a great holiday weekend!


I want to be in art camp! :) So fun! These are some great ideas. I hope I have a daughter someday so we can do things like this.

Congrats on the pub, and I'm off to check out the dt call.

Chantal B.

What a fun Camp! Love it! You all did wonderful crafts! Have a great week-end!


Love that camp, wish we had that overhere!!! must have been great to help out!! And Bryn is quite an artist!!


THose photo's are beautiful!Looks and sounds like a very fun week!Beautiful projects!!!Yay on the pub!!

Do I read Julie's commment right???? Did she mention her age????!!!! LOL!!!

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