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July 23, 2010



I am not entering but you know what I'm looking forward to!!! Meeting the Queen of Scenes :) lol.


Good morning from soggy Florida! Waiting for tropical storm Bonnie to get here and scrapping in the meantime. I look forward to being back on a fall school schedule, sad but true. I'm making new teacher cards--wishful thinking!


I'm not going to CHA, but I can't wait for all those new releases! What I'm really wanting is for the new Sew Easy tools come on the market - I've been scared of stitching paper and I think those toys have my name on them!


That layout is absolutely unbelievable!!! It looks so happy that I love it LOTS LOTS LOTS!!!
I am looking forward to scrapping all day long tomorrow at my LSS. The girls are so nice there :).

Joan Umano

Hi Deana! New here...I so love the new SRM stickers! Your LO is awesome...and DD is so darn cute! I'm looking forward to Sunday...scrappin all day with a bunch of girlfriends! Yahoo! (I don't see your follower sign up???)


Love that layout! She is so cute :)

And that card--LOVE the train!

Something I'm looking forward to--our trip to CA next month. Disneyland and beaches here we come!


I'm looking fwd to many things:
-Going to the Beezus & Ramona movie tomorrow w/my mom & Alison
-Camping next weekend (Alison's first time!)
-Alison's dance performance in a couple of weeks
-Cropping @ my scrapbook store in a few weeks
-Vacation!!! in Hilton Head, SC, in September

Georgia Visacri

OMGoo-ooo-od... I *need* a "keep calm and carry on" band-aid, that is soooooooo cool! I bought a "keep calm and snap on" poster for my studio at photojojo, still waiting for this to arrive, though :( :(
Love the stickers and loooooove your FAB projects, Bryn looks great on the photos, she looks so much like you!
Have a wonderful weekend, Deana!!


I loooove those stickers!! And I am really looking forward to finally go the USA, not shure when but I know I will and how great it would be to see all the fave girls???!!!
Hugs, Hanneke

Michele Marshall

Newbie here...I am looking forward to our family vacation to Branson. I have not been in almost 10 years.

Jacqueline M. Dunn

Oh Deana, you are just sooo talented!! I sure wish I was going to CHA...BIG dream of mine. Maybe someday! :) You have fun girl, you deserve it!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! Those new stickers are PERFECT for a Tini and a Boogie...otherwise known as Brookie and Adam! LOL! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your LO and love love love that card....(that title on your lo is PERFECT for Bryn!!) and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I am LOOKING forward to a pic of my Deana and my from CHA! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


Oh Deana, I LOVE those stickers!!!
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I'm going to visit my daughter Marije who lives in The Hague. It has been such a long time ago that I was at her place..
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


oh, fun giveaway!! and adorable layout.

umm...i am looking forward to my dad coming to visit me in a few weeks...i havent seen him in awhile...

i've been a follower of your blog for a few months now! :-)

kim whitten

What great stickers!!!! Don't enter me though as I have not scrapped in so long I'd rather let someone who will use these win!! I just live my scrappy life vicariously through my sweet online friends. :)


fun fun fun.. love this will have to get me some of those... thanks for sharing them... and your lo's... fab girl.. just fab!!!
{{hugs}} michelle
ps- have a great weekend!


That LO of Bryn is adorable - love the card, too. I am looking forward to Monday to see if I "win" the Reader's Pick Poll over at Creating Keepsakes. (Keeping my fingers crossed...)


i am totally loving these new sets! :) can't wait to see them in person!



I am so loving this page...your journaling is PERFECT!

Petra Coolen

Loooove those stickers Deane.
Thanks for the give-away.
I am looking forward to some rainy days!
It´s sooo hot here in the Netherlands, pffff ;)

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