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June 01, 2010



Really like the additions to your layout compared to what's in Scrapstreet. Great article there, too!

Amy Muffoletto

This is all so exciting!!!!! Love your cheerful layout. I need your will power to workout. Big hugs, Amy


Hello Deana!!!
I found so much intresting stuff here at your place - I enjoy your blog!!!
If you can please e-mail me your addy so I can send you my welcome tag!

Denise Morrison

the extra yellow and cloud looks great! I think this is such a great challenge-if I can manage it I just might play. My fav footwear is flipflops!

Jessi W

I love yellow right now!! It seems to be a go to color for me, b/c it's ended up on all of my latest pages:) I love your layout!! Love, Jess


Thought about you and your scrapping a lot this weekend, I know, strange thing to be pondering, right? LOL... but I did... on reasons why some people's stuff really really speak out to me, well, that's coz their stuff (yours) actually speak! There are many great styles out there, I just really like those who tell stories. You are one of these people! another GREAT GREAT GREAT page, I wouldn't be surprised that you hang up an "out for pub" sign soon.


Yout layout is gorgeous, with AND without the extra cloud and sun!!
And yes, I think we set a record too! Twenty-seven prizes, wow!!!

Hugs, Jenneke


Just LOve your fave shoes layout Deana!Those colors are beautiful and I love those clouds and your design!
Congrats girl!!Love to be on this fab team with you!!
And i love your prices!!


Love your LO, and the extra cloud is just awesome!!
Since I am not shure if my e-mail was send to you I want to thank you again for the beautiful card!!
hugs, Hanneke

Glenda Tkalac

I just love this layout!!! I can't believe you have 100 pairs of shoes woman! haha You and my sister would get along famously, she loves heels!! I myself prefer flats unless it's a wedgie heel (I feel more stable!) haha

Georgia Visacri

Oh Deana, your page is so cute and cheerful, I love it!!
And love your handmade embellies too, your so talented my friend!! hugs


I love your journaling! I can absolutely relate.

kim whitten

You are a MACHINE!!!!

I am loving all the eye candy you have posted as I catch up on all my blog reading. :)

Hope you had an awesome holiday weekend. :)


I was soooooooooooooooo surprised (really...i was!! LOL!!) that U didn't pick your high heels!! Lol...and then I read the journaling and i get it!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this sooooooooooooooooooo much! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


I was reading the journaling on your page and I have to admit it inspired me to re-begin to run!!!! It was great to read these lines that told a lot about your great soul!!! Thank you for making me think about a new start!

Chantal B.

Great LO and love the editing!

Antonia Krajicek (Green Horned Unicorn)

Cute layout!!! It's funny because I always end up changing my layouts by adding little bits here and there.

Love the prize package from your shop! Cute stuff :)

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