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May 19, 2010



KA-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving everything i c, those bowling pins, how adorable?? and the sparklers from SEI, hmm... what a brilliant idea !!!!!!!


How fun are these invites?! Love the bowling pins too!

We're getting ready for parties too. Alison's friends party is Saturday at a big indoor waterpark/hotel. A couple of little girls and their parents are spending the night with us. Should be fun!
Our family party is in a couple of weeks - a cookout at our house.

Happy birthday tomorrow!!


Those are seriously CUTE! The bowling pins...awesome idea. And I love how simple the invites all are!

Shell Turner

Oh so cute!

I'm just wondering what the smoking laws are over there. In Australia you can't smoke anywhere really. No indoor areas, not within 10 metres of childrens playgrounds or sporting areas, not in a car that contains a child. Even at outdoor sporting events and concerts they have designated smoking areas, basically it's a little caged area where all the smokers go.

Chantal B.

Very cute invites! Love the bowling pins. Happy B-day Brin!

Antonia Krajicek (Green Horned Unicorn)

Aww...I really love the invites with the bowling pins! What a lucky find, especially at a good price! I bet the cupcakes come out super adorable. Have fun with all the parties!! :)

Happy Birthday Bryn!

Ps. I love living in AZ where we don't have to worry about smoking ANYWHERE!


How cute! Happy birthday, Bryn!

Chris Aiton

I want to nine again!!!! this looks to be a fantastic party! You are so clever - what super ideas! Happy birthday to Bryn!


Oh My gosh those are soo cute! Love those little bowling pins adorable


or u could have said julie....your poopy head hubby bowls...and she could have gotten U sooooooooooo many bowling things!! LOL LOL LOL!! U should see the 1/2 craft - 1/2 bowling room!! LOL!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those invites and the cards!! U ROCK!!! And sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy U loved your was sweating it a bit there!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Glenda Tkalac

Those invites are so darn cute, you are so crafty and talented!! Oh, and if I were rich I would fly out there in August and get you to take me to see the Goo Goo Dolls!!! Sigh. A girl can dream right?


Wow, I really love to look of the invitations, both of them. And how cute is that mini bowling set!!! You will have to show us the cupcakes when they are ready.

beth nichols

Love the invites...think I will use your idea for my Gail's 9th! Hope you are doing well. We are getting ready for summer over here--hope to see you soon :) Beth


Sounds like she's going to have one heck of a fun birthday party... love the bowling pins... too too cute... we are getting ready for Rainee's 6th birthday party this saturday... I hope Bryn has a great party!!!

Now as for you... happy birthday girl... I hope it is wonderful... filled with all the best things!!! Enjoy!!!

{{hugs}} Michelle

sarah de guzman

you always do the cutest cards!!! seriously, you do.


and happy birthday to you miss deana!!! :) hope it's a wonderful one.

and have major fun at all of these parties! and chi-town too. hehe



Happy Birthday my BFF! Well on the 20th) Hope you are having a great day! Teeth and all! Love you!


First of all . . .


Hope your day is fantastic :)

These invitations are adorable! What a lucky girl to have such a creative mom. The parties sound like a lot of fun.

It surprised me when you said a "non-smoking" bowling alley. All indoor facilities (except casinos and bars) are non-smoking in WA. I forget how lucky we are!


Happy birthday, Deana!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!

The invitations are soo cute, LOVE those little bowling pins!!!



wow, girl!! awesome are certianly quite talented!!!


I love those invitations, especially the one with the bowlingpins, great idea!!!

kim whitten

What great ideas for the invitations!!! You are just so dang creative.

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