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May 24, 2010



Happy belated 10th!! Our 10th is Wednesday! Sorry you had such a scare with your flight sweety. Looks like Chicago made up for it though!


What a wonderful weekend! Happy 10th Anniversary!

That is so crazy about your flight to Chicago--I'm so glad you are safe :)

LOVE that picture of your reflections--that is so cool!!


Happy 10th Anniversary that is so exciting! wow I was in tears reading about the incident with the plane..I would have been crying too..The pictures are great and you looked beautiful defintely not 42! You Go Girl!!!


Happy Anniversary and my goodness you guys look so so so so good. I mean, wowowowowow!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless, I can't even comment on your flight thingy, I can only focus on how fabulous you guys look!!!!!!!!!!

Amber Zimmerman

What a wonderful weekend (aside from the plane episode!). Happy 10 yr anniversary! Kyle and I celebrated our 12th yesterday. It's my fave time of year. Glad you made it home safely. :)


I'm so glad you guys had a nice anniversary weekend. (Especially after that crazy flight to Chicago!) You and Bob are an handsome couple.

I LOVE your blue necklace. LOVE it.

I liked what you said about being in a good place in your life. Well said.

Glad Bob's dad is OK. It can get hectic/nerve-wracking, etc. when trying to care for a parent w/health problems. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

Chris Aiton

So happy that you had a super trip (once you got there)! Everything sounds so wonderful - the food, the clothes, the shoes, the wine, the sights! Hope Bob's dad is better - our parents are gone but many of our friends have parents that they are taking care of or have health problems. I remember when my mother was ill how upset I would get and how stressful it was. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

Georgia Visacri

Ooooh, Deana, I didn't know it was supposed to be a romantic trip, happy anniversary to you both!!
I'm happy that, despite these troubles you had with your flight, you had a great time! Love your photos, Chigago looks like a great place to visit!
And thanks for sharing all these beautiful, honest words, my thoughts about marriage are pretty much the same as yours :) :)
Have a great week, my friend

Antonia Krajicek (Green Horned Unicorn)

I love Chicago!! After seeing your photos and reading all about it I totally want to go. Like now...ha! I'm glad you had such an amazing annivesary weekend!! Congratulations on 10 years :)

Ps. I'm lovin' the new shoes!!


Yay! What a fun post... you know I loooooove the photos of your outfits! I especially love the black and white one with the brown belt... I think we are fashion kindred spirits!

Chantal B.

The pictures look great! Happy to see you had good flight back.

Happy 10th anniversary!


Oh my gosh, Deana, I can imagine that you were so afraid!!! I remember a post of you in which you wrote that you were so afraid to fly together with Bob without Bryn and that something would happen to the both of you.. I'm so happy you arrived home safely!!
It's such a pleasure to see your pictures, specialy the ones of you in your gorgeous dresses and gorgeous shoes!!!!

I hope Bob's dad will be better soon!



wow! That was a scary landing indeed. i am SO SO SO SO happy that you are ok and did have an amazing weekend in Chicago! And you looked GORGEOUS for sure! Thanks for showing us all these photos. It was wonderful to see them and read about your weekend.


Looks like a great trip - with the exception of your flight there. I am always a nervous wreck when we fly without the boys.
I just LOVE the necklace you wore in the photo above the carrot cake (and it looks great, too!). Happy anniversary!


that is the very reason Steve hates hates hates to fly... but me... I figure it only happens in a blue moon... sorry it was on your flight!!!! What a scary thing!!!

But all in all it looks like you have a fabulous weekend celebrating... and with your birthday shoes no less... fun!!! Congratulations on 10 years... very happy for you!!! I'll continue to pray for your father-in-law... I know what you're going through...

Now that you're back I hope you have a wonderful week!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle


what a great birthday/anniversary trip!!! it's always about the shoes... and the dresses...and the adventure...and of course the event you are celebrating. ;)

anyway, LOVE the dresses, d! :) i LOVE your tube top dress. the colors look great! send over that link! :)



Deana, I would have been crying too. I'm not a huge fan of flying. I'm glad the rest of your trip was wonderful. Now I'm hungry... :)


*sigh* even though i all ready knew about this...i just all teary eyed for u again...*sigh* that really shakes me up for u... wow...i am glad that all is ok...and dangit woman!!! U and hubby had to be the HOTTEST couple there that weekend!!! JUST HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! :):):):):):):):):):) my makeup is running in my eyes...have to go wash my face!! LOL!! love u ... and glad all is well now! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Beth Perry

I am so glad your flight landed ok. so sorry that you were upset! I would have been too.
love your outfits and the photos!
looks like alot of fun!
glad you guys ended up going and enjoying the trip!


That must have been so scary, I so understand that you were upset!!!
Love the pics, you look so happy!! And isn't it great to have man that loves you and wants to be with you no matter what???
Hugs Hanneke

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