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April 16, 2010


Chantal B.

I only have one issue here. I heard from a doctor who studies cells and cancer. He said: vitamines is marketing for the pharmaceutical. It is more harmful to us, and that alot of people take them when they don't need to. Now unless it's because the minerals are less in the fruits and veggy, that could be a reason why people take supplements. Iwas told if I eat like you do, I don't need vitamines (supplements). As for the rest of you post, I agree. I think you have the right stuff girl!


What a terrific list. You are totally right about how to go about achieving a lifestyle change. I have been saying and doing many of these same things over the last several months, and it's so much easier than I thought it would be. It really is. I've lost 40 pounds...before I really got my motivation up, I would just marvel when people told me that they'd lost x-number of pounds.... Now, though, I've had so many people ask me what I've done/am doing, and they too are like "Really?!" when I tell them about changing my eating habits and exercising.
Thanks again for the post!!


I'm trying . . . your list is pretty much everything I'm doing. Thanks for motivating me to keep on going. I know it doesn't happen overnight. :)


wow, I'm am seriously impressed and intimidated by the time I got to bullet 10!! lol. I am pretty sure I am not able to give up red meat, alas... but so many good good gooooooooooood advice Deana, thank you so much for sharing!

Chris Aiton

Thanks for sharing your ideas about healthy living. Have a great weekend!


Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the rainbow.....and U are truly inspiring! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


wow, it's so great how healthy you have made your lifestyle, I really need to take some of your tips and start following them!!

that rainbow is beautiful, i love rainbows! :)


i love this post!!!

It inspires me to hear others talking about living healthier lifestyles!

What great ways to change your life! :) I'm at Day 6 without caffeine and it feels pretty good now. My goal is to get to Day 30 where I develop the habit and then keep going and add something else. :)

Denise Morrison

Very inspiring Deanna! And so true about no one being too busy for 30 minutes a day. I fit that in between jobs and I always feel soo much better. thanks for sharing.

Glenda Tkalac

Well now I know why you look so damn fine woman!! I agree with most everything. I don't drink soda but I do love my beer!! haha And for red meat I don't think I could give it up but you can bet after I eat it I'll be thinking of it rotting away inside me now! hahaha I also have a desk job as well as a hobby that requires sitting so I HAVE to excercise at least 40 mins a day and I supplement that with 2 extra classes now, my "butt and abs" is 45 mins on Monday and my "boot camp" is an hour each Wednesday. I can't imagine what I would look like if I didn't do this. I have to do this if I want to keep drinking my beer and not blow out of my jeans! haha


Deana this is one of my favorite posts you have done..As someone who is still working on a lifestyle change you are truly an ispiration and I think you are so beautiful.. Thanks for the tips


I do a lot of things the way you do and you are totally right i feel so much better than a few years ago!! Until a year ago I did arobics and steps for 4 hours a week but I had to quit that cause I lost to much weight and due to that I was tired and cold all the time, so I started running, but since my little accident during our skitrip I couldn't do that either! This week I am slowly going to try again!!

Love the rainbow pics, and yes she must have dreamt about that pot of gold:)

Hugs Hanneke

Antonia Krajicek

Lovely rainbow!!!

Thanks for the lifestyle list!! Very inspirational and motivational. Hope are having a wonderful weekend :)


Speaking of #1...I'm 12-weeks soda-free this week! So much great advice here. And now, I'm off to go for a walk with one of my friends! :)


Loving this list!!! I am in the midst of making some lifestyle changes, for me and my family! You are right, there is 30 minutes a day to exercise! got to get moving!!!!


thank you for sharing this... I was on the right track before Rainee... since then I'm still working on getting back to where I was... it's an uphill climb... and you're right it is totally worth it... and it is a day to day thing... thanks for the reminder... and encouragement!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

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