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April 12, 2010


Antonia Krajicek

Sounds like FUN! I love Chicago! It's one of my favorite cities to visit. And how awesome to go TWICE. Yay for you :)


Wow, fantastic plans! Lucky girl to get to go to CHA!!! I know you are going to have such fun time there! :)

I hope that bryn will love having ear rings. I still remember when I had my ear pierced!! But now i haven't really used ear rings in years. eeeek!


well, this is motivating, I'm going to get off my lazy butt and get this thing organized for me!!

Amber Zimmerman

Chicago is such a fun city. . .it's where I got engaged AND there is a Starbucks on nearly every corner. ;-) I recommend Navy Pier for fun restaurants, sights and shops. Close by is Michigan Ave with all of the fancy shops, and there are a few streets between Navy Pier and Michigan Ave with some boutiques and an Anthro and a MAC store. Have fun! So lucky you're going to CHA! I have never traveled alone either.


you and bob are gonna have a blast... and WE are all gonna have a blast in chicago for CHA! wahoooo!!

dinner for sure... i'm thinkin on wed, but i'm still not sure. :(

tell bryn congrats on getting her ears pierced!!! what did she pick out for her first set of earrings?! :) thank goodness for blackberries! they're the best when you have no other cam. haha.


Chris Aiton

How fun to go to Chicago! and twice!! You are going to have so much fun! such great restaurants, shopping, and sights! congrats to Bryn on getting her ears pierced! I won't tell you why I no longer have pierced ears - it's not a nice story. At least you had your blackberry.... Have a great week!


OMYGOSH!!!! CHICAGO times TWO!!!! FUN FUN FUN!! I have never been and want to go someday...all of brian's family are there! :):):):):):):):):):):):):) And yayyyyyyyyyyyyy bryn for pierced ears....braver than mama told me I cried!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

kim whitten

Chicago is awesome!
I'm a little envious about CHA - have mucho fun!!!!

Yay for Bryn - looks like she was quite the trooper! I was a big old baby on my first and second ear piercings. (mind you I was like 21 on the 2nd round). ;)

Sasha Farina

how absolutely fantastic.. i wish i can be at the CHA! show us a better photo of Bryn's new earrings! :)


I'd love to visit Chicago someday! I know you'll have a great time on both of your trips!!

And how cool about Bryn's ear piercing!!


I so want to go to Chicago...I need to just go ahead and do it. I miss my friend Kate. Lucky you, getting to go to CHA! And yay for Bryn! That's a big milestone...I was so nervous the first time I got mine pierced.

Andi @udandi

I love Chicago!

Congrats to Bryn on finishing all her book reports-whew!

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