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April 07, 2010


Jessica W.

Love the cards, and personally, I think you can never go wrong with green!! To me it defines Spring:) You all look gorgeous too!!! Love, Jess

Chris Aiton

Love your card - so cheery and so you - and wow, green MUST be the new black. Great color on you and so funny that you guys ended up with the same color. I bought a Liberty sundress in yellows and greens and am knitting a wrap in Tuscan olives and golds, and my next knitting project is called Blade - a scrap in the shape of a long leaf done in a hand-painted rayon metallic yarn. Yummy! Have a great rest of the week!

Sash ..

you look gawjuss girl .. love that dress and you are made for that color. I need to get me some green shirts too .. I wonder if it will blend well with my Mocha lol.

LOVE the card .. and that sketch .. I will use it if you do not mind and link it back up .. I need to work on doing cards more ..

hugs and love boo


You guys look SO SO SO SO SO good!! LOL. Seriously, you are so stylin'!!! Can't wait for CHA to see your gorgeousness in person!!
The card is so so creative!!


That card is so cute... I love those colours! So pretty and bright!


and your necklace.... unreal!!!


My brother is an identical twin and they ALways seem to be dressed the same when we get together. So much so, that they have called each other to make sure they aren't wearing the same thing!:)
I love your necklace. Can you share wear it is from?

Deana B

Although we're ALWAYS asked, my sister is not my twin. She's 7 years younger than me. It must be a sister thing, though, because we dress alike more often than not!

And thank you, Rachel! The necklace was el cheapo, from Forever 21. I bought it about 6 months ago! :-)

Antonia Krajicek

I love all the green!! You're necklace is awesome too! Great job with the card sketch :)


I love that card and I reeeeeally love that dress! You're adorable in it!


I love that card!!!! And I loooove your dress, great to see your matching outfits!!!

Chantal B.

Green is a color I like! It looks realy nice with white! Great picture of all of you!


I loveeeeeeeeeee that card...and yes,....I know I have mentioned it before....but U and Sis look soooooooooooooo much alike :):):):) in a good way of!!! loveeeeeeeeeee that necklace too!!! and bryn is soooooooooooooooo beautiful! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


How cute! I love the Easter clothes! That's a great sketch...I'm not one for making cards, but you really make me want to try!


love the card.... and you all look fab in your outfits... when my sister lived me, that would happen to us all the time... too funny... gotta love that inner communication!!! Well, I'm now off to the blog-hop... have a lovely lovely day!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

Becky Williams

Your card is so cute, Deana! And, yes, the green is IN!!! How fun that you dressed in the same color that day.

kim whitten


One of my favorite colors for the past couple of years.

Bryn's dress is absolutely adorable! :)


Have to agree with the rest that u & ur sis look so good!! You are just so stylish. I love ur fashion sense :) Your card is so so cute!!


Your card is too cute! You are looking stylish!!!! How beautiful you are! The color looks amazing on you! (I think I want to go for a walk now!!) LOL



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