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April 13, 2010



Love how you interpreted the sketch. I love long cards!


Okay, so I spent quite a bit of time visualizing you in that courtroom. It's like reading a James Henry novel, or was it James Joyce? either way, LOL. LOOOOOOOOL. Did you feel like you wanted to bust out and sing "pants on the ground?" LOL

So archivers have long envelops and I missed out eh?? typical, LOL...


You where in court??? Oh my!!! Good thing it all went well!!
Love that card you made, nice flower!!
And you are going to the CHA (missed your last post), how cool is that!!!

ellen s

oooh! i just love this size!!

gorgeous colours, toO!

Chris Aiton

Interesting story about court - my DH seems to get called for jury almost every other year. Cute card!

Michelle Turner

LOL, sounds like an eventful experience!


LOL LOL LOL!!! U crack me up...and yes, court is a scary place!!! every time my ex dragged me back there for some other adam issue he just HAD to have always dressed up out of respect for the judge...and my ex showed up in greased up jeans and greased up work he thought the judge would say..."yeah, U look poor....U don't have to pay for your kid" lol :):):):) loveeeeeeeeeeee the card...and loveeeeeeeeeee your comment to bryn's dictionary question!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Amy Muffoletto

Whoooo. I just got a parking ticket....For improper parking at a meter. I will pay the fine cause it is only $25. Sorry it was such an ordeal for you.

On a better note. Your card is so cute. Love the flower....I bought a huge old dictionary at a flea market for $1. I love ripping the pages out....Only thing is I have to be careful because it has some cuss words a profanity in it....Funny huh! Have a great week... Hugs,Amy


Oh my...I'm glad that ordeal is over. :)

erinrwillis I love it. Maybe you should have taken some photos so you could have scrapped your day in court.

I got some new envelopes last week too! I got some long ones, which I'm really excited to use.

Antonia Krajicek

Ugh...isn't court AWFUL? I went to lend moral support to a friend of mine a while back and was a shocked as you when I saw everyone sitting in the room. So much different than on TV...ha :) That's awesome that you got out of traffic school and didn't lose points!


I had to jury duty recently... and I know what you mean... don't people know that they are suppose to be presentable... it's sad... hope it never happens again for you... as for the card... it's just so fun... adorable... thanks for sharing!!
{{hugs}} Michelle


I cannot picture you in court! (that is a good thing) LOL I love this card, and the flower, especially!!


OMG I can't picture in court with some of the crazy people in this world..I glad you got through it and now are done with it..

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