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March 10, 2010



Your trip sounds like so much fun!

I can't wait to see what you come up with using your Hip Kit :) :)


Beaming inspo in your direction. ))))))))))

Yep, those are beams. :)

And I've pretty much been in love with yellow and gray for the last year or so.


I am so excited for you..We still have about 3 weeks and we are beyond excited.. What 3 parks are you going to? I love those Keds too I might have to pick some of those up!

Chris Aiton

I notice there are more shoes pictured than anything else! LOL! Sending you lots of inspiration - it is spring here and I know that Epcot is having a big flower show. Should be gorgeous - take lots of pix (I know you will). I live about 2 hours SE of Orlando on the coast. We are having a big art show here this weekend so I hope the weather cooperates (it is supposed to rain on Friday). Have a great rest of the week!


I'm all about the yellow right now too!! Hope you have tons of fun on your trip and I'll try to send you I'm not having too much myself right now!! Love, Jess


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh have soooooooo much fun!!!! love the wardrobe picks and sending some inspo your way.....but i need u to send some to me too!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Chantal B.

Have a great trip!


i'd send you some inspo, but i really don't have that much right now! haha. :)

anyway, love the shoes!!! seriously, it's a bummer we don't wear the same size shoe!

when are you guys headed to disney?!

Nicole Renee

You travel so much! I want to be you when I grow up! Love your list and those images! I want them all!!

Antonia Krajicek

Good luck with the packing!! Sounds like it will be a great trip :)


Lucky gal you! have fun at the park!!
looking at your post, im goona put scrapping aside and go SHOPPING for clothes!!!! i love yelo too ;)


Ooh, love the gray tank!!.... Have a FUN trip!!

Lisa Howard

I soooo wanna come play in your closet. Of course I would need to lose mucho pounds and a few inches! lol! I think I'm taller than you...I'm 5'6".

Hope you have a blast on your trip. Soak up some rays for me, please! xoxo L

Amber Zimmerman

Okay. . I a so living vicariously through you! How fun!! Love what you're packing too. . .those sandals are sooo cute! Love the tank too. You are going to be stylin'! Have lots of fun and I look forward to seeing the resulting pics of your adorable family!


how much fun are your shoes... love the sandals... gotta get me some... you have fun... can't wait for your trip... I'm going to live through you vicariously... I'm so excited... enjoy!
{{hugs}} Michelle

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