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January 29, 2010



deana!!!! wahooo! it feels so glad to be home... i've missed a lot since i've been home.

i plan on mailing out a pkg to you sometime this weekend. just giving you a heads up... and please put me down for some of that twine! i want some... :)

will def be back to read up on more of the life of the bostons once i get settled.


Chris Aiton

I will head over to your etsy and get some twine. We can all be twiiiiiiiiiners (like on SNL). Have a great weekend.

Denise Morrison

good idea buying the big spool! your etsy shop is great. fiy-I clean high end homes with lots of stainless and sears makes the best cleaner. Nothing else works as good without streaking. yeah-if you don't like finger prints you have to clean it everyday. :( or hire someone like me :)


loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee twine!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the new kitchen look!!! hehehehehehehehe....taking after julie i i call u "lana jr?" :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


wow! i love your v-day have gotten me inspired to hopefully do some fun v-day stuff this weekend!


ROTFL, that is a LOT of twine my friend!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT idea to divvy it up on etsy!!!! I know where to go now :)


Yay for the new appliances!! How fun! Trust me, I'd be equally as anal if they were mine. I can't stand ANYTHING untidy and out of order (except my studio that is...). That's awesome you got such a spectacular deal on the twine!! I LOVE the cards you made with it :)


WOW Deana, that is a lot of twine, lol!!!!
LOVE your cards! And that kitchen, wow! Enlarged the picture and love every detail. Saw Chris's painting ;-)

WIshing you a wonderful weekend!



Wow..that twine is deliscious!Love it!Loving those cards!
And your kitchen is awesome!Have a wonderful weekend!


OK so now I love your kitchen too! Can I just have your closet fully stocked and oh a fully stocked kitchen! HAHAHA.. I love that twine!


why did i just buy a pack of the martha stewart twine?? *hittingmyselfinthehead*

loving the kitchen!

Aimee Westcott

omg, your kitchen is gorgeous and i love how you did the heart doily on the chocolate bar... divine!


well I have to say that is the biggest spool i've ever seen... wow wow wow... love what you did with it... when I run out of what I have I know where to go... I got mine from a martha kit... and like you said it's expensive... with the shipping... thanks for the sharing... and I love what you did with it... will have to try that with mine. Love the new appliances... and I know what you mean about the finger prints... it's a constant frustration here in our home.... but like you said just add it to the list of thing I have to do... but I do love them... wouldn't go back to colors for anything!!!

have a super lovely day!!
{{hugs}} Michelle


Very, very pretty! Now I know where to go for all my twine-needs. :)

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