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January 26, 2010



I was expecting pictures of high heel shoes, hee hee, but I'll settle for fabulous cards!!!!! :) :) :)


Those cards are so gorgeous!!!!

Chris Aiton

Great cards - so cute! Love the spring tops!


Cute, cute cards!! That head over heels is just adorable.

I can totally see you in those blouses . . . did you order one yet? :)


How cute is that monkey?!....I was wanting to make a "sunshine" card tonight too! :)

LOVE that white top! I'm wishing for spring too! I'm starting to see all the cute sandals and skirts...LOVE!!

OK, how many times can I use the words "cute" and "love" in one post?! :)


The cards are so cute! I love the monkey! Speaking of, I just got a set of stamps and they are animals, girage, monkey, turtle, lion, owl, wale and fox. It's from SU! and the set is called: Fox & Friends. That's only part of what I got. I will put up a post tomorrow and show all the goodies I got! The tops are pretty, if only I had more breast to wear them :-) Have a great week!


Oups! I meant girafe.


Oooh -- cute tops! And cards! That monkey is adorable!



Such cute cards! Your sun looks adorable with the little monkey on the card :)


how cute are those cards... love love love them!!! and that monkey is crazy-funny!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

Amber Zimmerman

Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement! Your cards are so sweet and those shirts would look adorable on you with your kickin' toned arms. ;-)


The felt monkey & the sun are just so stinkin cute. The heart tree is just so lovely!! Love ur taste in fashion :)

Denise Morrison

adorable cards and those tops are perfect! I am dreaming of spring too!

Sasha Holloway

IN love with the head over heels .. that one is so so cute girl .. girl .. I need some spring over here


Early spring sounds great to me!!!! Would love to wear tops like that (they are cute) !! Love the cards they are so sweet!!!
And Lady Gaga was at Oprah???!!!! Love her she has got such a great voice!!!

Glenda Tkalac

You make amazing cards!! I on the other suck at cards, unless they are artist trading cards! haha I love those tops and they make me want summer!!

Beth Perry

those tops are gorgeous!!! love love those adorable cards!
hope you are having a wonderful week!

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