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January 23, 2010



Fun layouts and the card sentiments just crack me up - VERY creative! ;)


These are seriously beyond cute, you did an amazing job with this line, check out those hanging in the closet, can that layout BE more amazing??!! WOW


What an adorable line! I love the Hanging in the Closet page! Something one never thinks to document but should. Sounds like an awesome closet :)


Oh wow, these are gorgeous!!! Love ur layouts too, the details are awesome :) Congrats on ur publication too!!


I love that paper, wish it was easier to buy overhere!!:( Love your LO's, they are so happy and fun!! And isn't it great to see your LO hanging at the CHA!!! Congrats on publishing!!!

Jackie Schimmel

You are so awesome Deana! I'm so excited for you and all the design team work and published work you're putting out. Kudos! Keep up your fun style, it's so unique! Big hugs for you and thank you for stopping by my blog! :D


Love these layouts! That top one with the banner is my fave! They are all so cute. I can guess why she sent you that line to work with! Great job, and loving seeing some of the pics from CHA. Love, Jess

Beth Perry

awww that is sooo awesome that she got to take the mag to Cha. and hmm...I wonder why she sent that new line to you, too? hmmmm... hahaha
It is soo you! adorable, pretty and fashionable! love the new layouts, sweets! great designs on your part!


Your rocked the Nikki girl! So fun to see your LO's at CHA! Congrats! Big congrats on Scrapstreet too...WTG!


Cute cute cute!! She totally sent you the right line :)

I love your creations, Deana!


Oh wow..those new lines are gorgeous!So are your layouts!Really love them all and your cards are way to cute!So cool your layout is hanging at the CHA!!Have a wonderful day!

Chris Aiton

Love those papers - and oh yeah, they are perfect for you! Congrats on having your layouts at CHA - what a thrill! Hope you have a great week!


ummmmmm can you say... these are the bomb!! Congrats on the lo's for CHA and for the pub... you deserve it!!!
{{Hugs}} Michelle

Nadhrah what u did here. Extremely sweet work


yes, it was def a cute line!!! :)

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