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December 16, 2009


Sasha "Sassy" Holloway

Girl .. I hope you are feeling better going to be following this STEP BY STEP from now on .. I love the layout sweets ..



Oh, that's SO good to hear that you've been doing better the last couple of days!! Great news.

And I LOVE the cupcake LO! The way you used the circles from the chart is awesome!

Amber Zimmerman

Oh my goodness! I'm sorry to hear you were having physical troubles and I hope you have relief very soon! On another note - that's so great about CHA and getting published! very sweet lo! =)

Chris Aiton

Love that layout and yummy paper but I hope you are doing better - hopefully the potassium will help. I used to work with someone who had the same thing as you do, and she rarely had problems - she was very active like you are and she took vitamins and ate very carefully. Hope you can get this solved - have a great week!


Lovely page!!!

and sending lotsa love. glad you are doing better already. Hugs from jaz


Cute layout! I can't wait to see the others. And YAY for you for taking care of yourself! I hope it alleviates your symptoms and discomfort quickly and for GOOD :)


Hi Deana,

Love you LO! The new line looks good! On the health side, I use to have that problem and now I rarely feel the skip in my heart beat. I eat more veggy's than before. Also I eat almond butter. The natural one. Nut's are very good. They containe magnesium and helps for the heart. Multi-grain bread also I eat. Either multi-grain bagel or bread. I rarely eat red meat. Mostly poultry white meat only, boiled. Eggs (boiled), fish.
Nice to hear that you are feeling better!


this is gorgeous deana....and i really hope that u found one of the answers to what is going on....and i hope u feel better soon!!! And who gets to help display your beauties at cha??? me me me!! yay yay yay! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


...and guess who gets to bother julie while she displays your beauties at CHA?! me me me!!! haha! :)

anyway, hope you are feeling much better than you were last week. :)

gloria and i plan on taking pics with the pink moustaches! haha. i'll make sure to share them with you! haha


Michelle Turner

I had an issue very similar to this a few years ago so I kicked my caffeine habit and now only go for the caffeine free products and I also stopped that other dreaded habit I had (smoking - Yuk) and now I'm good as gold. I'm really happy it happened and I ended up in emergency thinking I was having a heart attack because it made me change a lot of things in my life and now I'm much more healthy and love exercising more than I ever did. it was the kick in the back side that I needed!

Hope yours all works out as easily as mine did.

Love the layout too by the way xx

Georgia Visacri

Ooooh, Deana, I didn't know about that... you know you are always in my good thoughts and I'm sure will be better soon!
Love your page, so super cute!!


I hope you continue to feel better and I really like that layout and it looks delicious in every way. I look forward to seeing your published layout and guest dt layout too :) :) :)


Oh wow congrats on being published & ur layouts going to CHA!! Awesome news :)


That is adorable!!! Great line!


congrats on the gdt and your lo going to cha.... too fun!!

love this lo it's just yummy!!

I will continue to pray for you... please take care!!!

{{hugs}} Michelle

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