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December 07, 2009


Georgia Visacri

Awww, I love your album totally Deana, super super cute and love the photos too!!
Yep... I always have a hard time uploading photos to blogger, unfortunately... but I'm glad you managed to do your posting there and I checked out, that looks just great!!!

Have a great great week!!

Chris Aiton

I really love the album you created and always enjoy reading the techniques and products you used. Re blogger and typepad - I am so used to blogger that I just do it and never think about it, but the Harlee-Quinnz blog is typepad and my first time (actually every time) is a real learning experience - trying to get the photos to be the right size, etc. So funny! Have a great week!


All of your projects look fantastic! Congrats!


U are quite welcome my dearest... i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that mini! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


The woes of Blogger...I feel your pain. I've actually been considering the move to Typepad.

I love the album! The papers are so fun and not quite as "traditional" as other lines. Fun stuff :)


Oh, your minialbum is SO, SO cute!! Love it :)


Love your mini album Deana...and I did see it at Nikki's your very beautiful and creative!


So so so cute! I love the December daily idea except I don't print photos at home and I am unable to do anything without photos, just can't! lol. I love yours, very awesome!


LOVE the album! Those elves are the cutest! (Next to Bryn, of course!!)

Beth Perry

that mini is AMAZING, BABE!!! I am sooo thinking about getting Typepad. hmmm

Oh! and I emailed you! Check it when you get time. I wanted you to have first dibs. Thanks!

kim whitten

your album is coming along quite nicely! :) Sorry about your Blogger frustration...I don't know any different, so I just roll with it...but it is a little cumbersome!

nicole renee

So sorry about blogger, hopefully it will get better. Love your December daily, the paper is perfect!

greta adams

sorry you had so much trouble...blogger is easy..i find typepad hard compared to blogger...i guess it all in what you are use to though...

love love love love love your mini album...did i mention i love it...


Amy Muffoletto

I love Nikki Sivils paper. You mini book is precious! I am not a fan of blogger either, even though I have a blogger blog....I like the backgrounds though.... I do not know how to change it if I wanted to. Crazy technology!!! Hugs, Amy

Glenda T.

That mini is sooooooo cute!!! I know there was one day I was trying to post and Blogger was all messed up, pictures would'nt load, people were freaking out...haha! It's funny how much we rely on technology!


Love that mini Deana, great photo's!!
Have a nice weekend!!

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