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December 13, 2009



AWWWWESOME matching aprons for all three of you!!! That picture made me SMILE so hugely!!

I recall from a previous post that Bryn can't get immunization due to egg allergy, didn't know she's allergic to all these other things. I hope they aren't severe! My first kid is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, I'm thankful that she is allergic only if she eats it, and even then it is "just" throwing up. I say that now, it sure wasn't pretty when she did just that at a local Indian restaurant, oy vey!

Chris Aiton

I am so very happy you like the aprons - they were lots of fun to make! My first husband had most of the same allergies as Bryn so I totally understand the recipes you need to use. It's so wonderful now that there are so many resources for getting recipes and help. Hope you have a great week and looking forward to seeing some pix of the goodies!


OMYGOSH!!!! I am IN LOVE!!!!!!! Those are GORGEOUS!!!! And one for DOLLY TOO!!???!!!??? YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! And I spy flats on my friend...U feeling ok??? LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


CUTE!!! Enjoy the cookies!!!


OMG those are so adorable!!!

Glenda T.

Holy Dyna, look at you 3 in those adorable aprons!!! What a cute pic!!!! Just seeing this pic reminds me of the good times I had with my DD at that age. Thanks for making me smile tonight with the fugly lawyer comment, that was hysterical. And oh so true!! haha


that is too adorable!!!! :) take pics of those cookies girls!!! :)

how sweet of chris to send those! :) seriously, she's soooooo crafty and artistic.

hope you had a great weekend!



Oh just wonderful and adorable Deana...LOVE the aprons!What sweet of Chris and so creative!
The three of you look so beautiful!


wow! Those aprons are suuuuuuuuper cute!!!! Love them lots! We are on our way to look at some more christmas lights :).

Beth Perry

That is too funny! Actually the one glass of wine and one beer was all we had. haha
When it is cold and/or rainy, they will hang out in their garage b/c they smoke. So, we set up a card table and chairs and went to town. We had alot of fun!
OK, you girls look tooooo cute!!! And I love LOVE those aprons! Those are sooo pretty and cool!
Happy Monday, love!

Beth Perry

I meant..."was all we had at the restaurant." We made margaritas when we got back to Tammy's house! YUM!


OMG!! That is such a cute photo!! Love the aprons alot!!

Amy Muffoletto

Awe, That is so cute and for the doll too. You too look divine! Hugs, AMY


You three are SO cute!


OMG those are the cutest aprons EVER!! Lucky you!! Hope the cookies turned out well :)


what cute aprons... love them and you both look sooooooo cute in them!
{{hugs}} Michelle

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