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October 09, 2009



34 degress? I thought you are in Missouri!!

Chris A

Despite the heat here, I guess my mind was on the same track - I did a little shopping this week for some fall clothes. Your pix are just total eye candy and it's so cool that Bryn loves to dance so much. She looks so charming in her ballet outfit. Good luck to Bob tomorrow - at least it won't be too hot! Have a great weekend!

nicole renee

I heart clothes! I love that you do this, gives me great inspiration for my own wardrobe. Love those J Crew toothpick cords too!!


oh how i love rock your body! it's a great song.

good luck to bob... for ummm... running in COLD a$$ weather. LOL. hahaha


kim whitten

thanks for all the eye candy and inspiration - I got sucked in to DSW! :)


The fashion articles look great! Also you're finds for the kitchen. You daughter look cute. It reminds me when I used to dance ballet jazz in my early teens. Good times! As for rock the body and Rob Bases, goooood! It's been raining for over a week now, getting use to it! That's why I scrap! Have a great week-end. It's our Thanks Giving week-end here in Canada. But as french Canadian, I don't celebrate it. I steel give grace!


Oups! Typo! I meant still, not steel! LOL!


1) I need those boots!

2) hehehehehehe Purple Rain!

3) Loveeeeeeeeeee that photo of Bryn!!!

4) Yeah...ummmmmmmmmm Bob....have fun without your fans...I'm with Mama on this one!! LOL!


Beth Perry

I love THOSE BOOTS!!!!!! YOW! And that vest is killer too!
Bryn looks cute in her dance outfit
Yeah, I am pretty much over the rain! lol
Hope you are having a great weekend, sweetie!
(hope Bob stayed warm and dry this morning!)

Glenda T.

I can totally see you in that fur vest and slouch boots!! That 80's pic made me smile because I remember when I got a record player tape deck thing I thought it was the coolest thing EVER!!! Plus I loved Purple Rain!!!! Have a great weekend!!


Um, burr! My family in NE got snow last night. Cold rain, snow...i'm getting goose bumps thinking about it! Love all the cute shopping finds. I really need to get those boots!!


oh. oh. I love all of your fashion inspiration. I think I may be in need of some clothes. It just jumped from summer to winter here. We got our first snowfall Friday night. It makes me want to stay in bed all day.

I hope Bob did well, despite the weather. :)

Hope your weekend has been wonderful.


LOVE the record player!!... And love those slouchy boots - I've been kinda thinking about getting some - by the time I make up my mind, they'll be "out." :)

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