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October 21, 2009



Deana, I had a good laugh when you said:freakin' punch kept getting stuck/jammed because of doing 2 layers at once. But... I love to aggravate myself, so I kept going, with determination of getting 21 bags completed."
Not of the situation, but the way you wrote it! The bags look great! Love the paper ribbon. I happy to hear that Bryn is feeling better! Yay!

kim whitten

Absolutely precious bags! Those other kids' moms better appreciate all your crafty work! :)
So sorry Bryn's been sickie...(I've been out of the bloggy loop the past several days at a conference.) Hope she continues to improve.


What a great idea!!! If only I'm a good mother and would do that with my kids, lol!!!

Beth Perry

I love the tutorial,babe! and I am so glad that Bryn is feeling better! Boo to the germ center! lol
yeah, that Oct kit is looking pretty yummy!


*sigh* u are the bestest mom ever!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the bags and glad bryn feeling better! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


I tried posting a comment yesterday, but I was having computer problems and I don't see it here, so I'm going to comment again :) I apologize if the other shows up sometime!

I love the bag tutorial! And, even though it caused you great aggravation, I think the scallops were worth it! Looks like it will be a fun Halloween, I mean um, Fall Party :)

Chris A

So glad Bryn is feeling better, and those bags are so stinkin cute!!!!! I tried to comment yesterday but somehow it wouldn't take - who knows? Have a great Fall party at the school - maybe some of the kids will come dressed as germs or how about swine???? I know - not funny!


Those bags are adorable!!


Love the treat bags - the pleats are cute!


you make a great MOM!!! look at you gooooo!!

love the pleats on the bag. i'm sure that the kids are gonna love it.

and candy as marker spots for bingo -- now that sounds like a plan! :)


Beth Perry

thanks for leaving me some love over at the Twilight Challenge Blog.
I am not a HUGE fan, I don't own any books nor have I read them. but, I did like the movie. For you, it's worth a watch...check it out for a dollar at redbox. lol
TGIF tomorrow!


Those bags are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial! Glad Bryn is feeling better

Glenda T.

I looovveee yoru tutorial you crafty woman you! And yes it is easier to buy alot of stuff but it's just not the same. I love that you put the DD to work helping too! haha


love the tutorial... the bags turned out adorable... and I love the bingo cards... glad to hear Bryn is better...
{{HUGS}} Michelle

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