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October 11, 2009



Looks like quite the fun fall day! That pumpkin patch looks very cute and quaint :)

Lisa Howard

Oh how I miss the days of taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. Love the note from Bryn...she is such a cutie! Having grown up in the country, I know exactly what you're saying about the dumb goats. LOL!

BTW, loved your little story about Bryn backing up like a truck to have a sit on your lap in the bathroom! And a big congrats to Bob! WTG!!!


That note from Bryn is amazing!!! What a fun day at the pumpkin patch and I can't help but notice how styling you all look!! So glad you had your wagon with me, otherwise you could have had Bob carrying everything, that would have taught him, lol.


Lovely pictures. That was a beautiful day for you! Congrats for Bob's race.

Beth Perry

I KNOW, RIGHT?? FINALLY NO RAIN!!! It's actually pretty outside!!
Love Bryn's boots and that is NOT a's a scrapbook page! lol She def got her mom's crafty bone.
Love the photos! and you always look so cool and chic.
You know, Old Navy is such a hit and miss with me...but right now...they have the cutest fall clothes...coats to die for and the most adorable purses. I got a cute purse (will post later today) and a cute top and pants.
We are grilling today! Yum for some fish and shrimp for me. The boys are having burgers. lol


LOL, nice to get out around this area when it isn't raining like it has been! I LOVE LOVE Pumpkins Galore... we go there every year. The kids dad used to work at Mittler Bro's out in Wright City, and thats how we found it! Looks like you all had a great time!

Chris A

Looks like a really fun day! so glad the weather improved for you. What a super "note" - Bryn is such a dear and as creative as her mom. Congrats to Bob, and wow! you look so fall stylish.

Michelle Turner

Hi There,

I am so pleased you included a pic because I had no idea what a bounce house was! We call them a Jumping Castle here in Australia, and what on earth is a huge mum? I giggled so much when I read that because you know a mum over here is a mother and when you said you got a huge mums I just pictured a big mother sitting in you little red cart! lol

Thanks for the giggles!

Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
Shell x

Glenda T.

Ok, can I just say how lucky you are to have such a fun place to take the kids to? Where I live there is nothing like this. There really isn't much of anything to tell the truth. Sad I know! We used to have a wild animal park years and years ago and then it closed down. Looks like you guys had alot of fun!!


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY for Bob....but really...he needs to listen to WIFEY when it comes to pumpkin shopping!! LOL!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photos!!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


CONGRATS to bob for placing 3rd! :)

we totally did the same thing this weekend.... PUMPKINS! :) hehehe.

and yeah, i laughed at the goats too. gloria and i thought they were super dumb. they would just stare at me when i was trying to feed them hay. dumb goats. LOL.

LOVE all of those photos... can't wait to see those in a mini or a layout! hahaha. :)


nicole renee

Cute pictures! I love pumpkin butter!!

kim whitten

Looks like you had a great weekend! No better place than a pumpkin patch to take photos. ...and I'll have to agree with you, goats ARE not the brightest! :\
Hope you have a blessed week. :)


Congrats to Bob!...And I love the pumpkin patch pics (funny goats & YUM for peach butter!).

Jeanet those pictures!And I love the note that Brynn made,soo cute!Looks you had a wonderful day!!


Well it looks like you all had a fab day!!! Love all the pictures.. and that note... how adorable is that!!! {{Hugs}} Michelle

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