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October 19, 2009


Chris A

Oh dear! I hope Bryn will be feeling better very soon - getting her to the doctor and possibly the Rx will help her recovery. Love the layout and hope your week improves.


BOO to the flu. :( make sure she gets lots of rest (and you need some too).

keep us posted and you guys will def be in my thought and prayers today.

decorative edged scissors... i haven't heard someone say that in a LOOOOOONG time. seriously tho, how does one cut a straight edge with one of those. LOL



That must be really hard to have egg allergy, vaccination is indeed a big problem! :( I hope you and Bryn both get some rest, obviously the world needs more brilliant layouts like that one, seriously, you are getting more and more amazing with each layout!! I have now another one I must copy, LOVE the unique way you used that stripe paper!

Beth Perry

I sooo need a nap...but, for different reasons! lol Can you say "saturday"!!!!!
I hope Bryn gets to feeling better. It is really starting to catch up with so many people I know.
I love your new layout! Loving the Cosmo Cricket products and the design of this page is so cool!
Hope you are having a restful Monday! :D


Nice LO! Hope Bryn feels better real soon! Have a good rest. If you want a decorative edge, Stampin'Up! have great tools for that. A variety of punch. It's called the scallop punch to make a staight scallop edge.


Ahhhhh, poor Bryn! Hope she will feel better soon!! Just read in your previous post that your Date-Night was a very short one! So sorry to hear that. You looked gorgeous, btw!!!
COngrats with your page being in the top 10! It's a really great layout, and so is your last one!!
Hope you had a good monday!


nicole renee

Love that layout, the embellishments and the title are amazing! So sorry about Bryn, the doctor is never fun and the flu is even worse. Totally agree with you on the decorative scissors thing, I can never get a straight line no matter how hard I try.

Amber Zimmerman

Oh no! Hope that Brynn feels better really soon and that you and hubs stay healthy! It's starting to spread like wildfire around here too. Keeping my fingers crossed. Fun lo! =)


ohhhhhh i hope she feels better soon!!!!! poor baby!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo....the photos are adorable and loving those embellies!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sasha Farina

oh poor baby... !! pls send my hugs and kisses to Bryn!


Working my way up.... so I hope by now, this finds Bryn safe and healthy... being sick yourself is one thing.... the kids... it's so hard... as for your lo.. it's just adorable!!! love it girl!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle

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