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October 27, 2009



*seriously* did u just say that out loud????? lol lol lol....we have 60 days a year in rainfall...and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sun is to be 82 and ugh!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo.... u rock the scallops my love....and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm if i saw an A on adams report card just once....i think i'd be the happiest mom in the whole! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


Have fun in AZ, no way, it doesn't rain in AZ, ever, don't worry about that! LOL! I love how you just used the corrugated alpha as they are, I tried to be clever and looked a bit sloppy with paint, sigh...


Girl, NO WORRIES! We have no rain in forcast as I see. Just windy, which wouldnt be great for B E B but it should pass. Cant wait to see you! ♥ Sal


hopefully there is GOOD weather. :) ... and hopefully this cold goes away before sunday. argh! gloria got me sick.

anyway, love the scallops on the house. CUUUUUUUTE idea!!!

and tell bryn AWESOME job for being such a great student!! :)



Your layout is just amazing, yet again! Wow! I am always so super impressed with them. Love them so much!!!

Rainy days... I LOVE rainy days! I wish it would rain for a year here. I would not complain at all. We could use it too as the water restrictions are always on here :(. We are running out of water here. I find it so scary!


this is the cutest LO. I love that little house.. Of course the pictures are darling! I hope you and your family have a fabulous time in AZ.

Chris A

We would love to have some of your rain - we broke a record in September for the least rainfall since they started recording - and it hasn't rained much in October either. Our yards are pretty brown. Hope you have a great weekend - I want to see a picture of your suitcase (with clothes) - what fun!!! Also love how girly the layout is with Bryn and her dolls - you are the scallop queen!


Cute layout! Love the little scalloped roof. And, although it will be unseasonably cool the next few days (in the 60's), there isn't a sign of rain in the AZ forecast :)


The weather here is few days of rain, windy and then sunny and back to rain and cold weather. They are calling for highs of 14c next saturday, which is not realy in the normal for this time of year. It's usualy colder. I haven't seen our Indian summer yet, maybe I was to busy? I love the scallop and the LO is so nice! Hope your trip to Arizona is nice hot and pleasant one!

Beth Perry

seriously, I am sooo over the rain!!!
Loving the layout, sweets!


Bryn's a sweetie, that's for sure.... And I know what you mean about the rain - we're approx. 11 inches over normal here, for the year.

kim whitten

I so feel you on the rain! I'm so sick of it...and we are due to have 4-5 inches more in the next two days...UGH!!!!

On the bright side, this layout is very delightful! :)


Rain, buhhhhh...
So happy to hear Bryn is doing so well at school! I can imagine you're a proud mom!
LOVE the layout, that house is sooo cute!! And I LOVE the grass, did you made that with a punch??
Wishing you the most wonderful weekend!!!!!!!


nicole renee

Love this layout! The house and the pictures are darling!


seriously... how cute it that lo... love what you did for the little house.... adorable!!! How did you do the grass??? it's the bomb!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
{{HUGS}} Michelle

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