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October 12, 2009



It's true, it does remind me of the video when I saw the picture of your daughter. But for some reason I had another group in my mind also, ZZ Top. Two songs came to mind. She's got legs and Sharp dress man. I remember, I used to dress up to when I was her age. I also had the chance to do a fashion show for children wear. That was downtown Montreal, Place Bonaventure. No more stores now. They've change the hotel but back in the 70's and 80's, they had a floor full of boutique, shops and restaurants.
Have a nice evening!


LOL...that is too funny! The sunglasses and scarf are the perfect finishing touch!

Chris A

I just love this pic and totally agree with Chantal that it is so ZZ top - but also Addicted to Love - you have to scrap this!!!

Beth Perry

And where did you get that dress form?? Love!


hehehehehe....LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it!!!! (and double hehehehehehehehe....when I was about as skinny as her....LOL....I used to get called one of the robert palmer girls....LOL....with my black hair and was a PERFECT match!! LOL!) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Amber Zimmerman

Your craft room looks so fun! I wanna see more. ;-) What a good momma you are to do all of that running for your girlie!

nicole renee

So cute, she does have some fashion sense though!!


HAHAHAHA.... walk that runway bryn!! :) hahahaha.

that is so awesome. LOVE the outfit. ;)



Totally love that photo..she really does look like one of those girls!Great modelling and clothing skills...Have fun!


Oh what a DIVA! I so love the big sunglasses..


You might as well face it, you're addicted to love.... I have that song in my head. I LOVE the socks w/those shoes!!!


That photo is DIVINE!!! LOL, what fashionistas you gals truly are!! too cute and too adorable!! Cleaning, blech!! :(


LOL! So funny.
The face really makes the photo.


that photo is the bomb!!! too too cute... sounds like a very long day... one I wouldn't want to repeat... as for the cleaning... I hate it too, but it's either me or... oh yeah me... the cleaning lady is getting better so I have a clean house again... funny how no one in the house knows how to put away anything or clean anything while you're sick.... anyway I'm with you... I hate it... but love how I feel when it's done... don't you???... it's a job well done!!!
{{Hugs}} Michelle

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