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October 13, 2009



WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is sosososososoos cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love all the different words & phrases you used! I like that the papers/embellishments/words are both cute & sorta scary - not too cutesy, you know?


What a fun little mini!! Such a great way to document each year. :)

Chris A

Oh I love how you did this mini! What a clever use of the cards and it's cool how you used the thickers. I just love all of Bryn's costumes - even a cute baby one! I wish I had some of Brian's photos but I made scrapbooks for him 2 years ago of his childhood and I didn't make copies of some of the photos so ... Have a great week!


WOW, that is such a great mini, love how you did that!! And love all those cute outfits!!!

Beth Perry


nicole renee

So cute! I love Halloween, the colors are awesome!

Lisa Howard

Deana, this is precious! Love the way it turned out. I really like the shadow effect you got with the Thicker letters. I've actually done that accidentally and gotten frustrated because I felt I had "messed up" my letters! Little did I know I had created art! LOL! You can bet I will be doing this on purpose now! Hope you are having a good week!

P.S. Thanks for your comment on my recent "melon" post. Not really looking forward to tomorrow. I fear it will be most uncomfortable this time. Harriet the Hormone Hellion will be going to the appointment with me! :)


Just love it! Wow! What a great idea! Bryn is so cute in all those costumes!
Change of subject, I can't help but laugh even thow it's not funny when I read Lisa's comment about Hormone Hellion...Hope everything goes well Lisa!

Glenda T.

Ok, that is just the cutest li'l mini ever!!! Oh, and it was original recipe all the way! haha

kim whitten

What a clever idea for documenting all those years of costumes!!! That will be such a cool keepsake for Bryn to have. Tell her she deserves extra treats this year since she doesn't get to go trick-or-treating! ;o)


the colors on this are FANTASTIC! the hip2besquare kits are totally awesome! LOVE EM. :)

i esp love those photos. bryn looks so much like you... do you ever get that from people?! ;) hehe.



That is soooooooooooooo CUTE!!! LOVE! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Georgia Visacri

oooooooooh, this is such a cool tag album, Deana!! You're definetely one of my mini-albums heroes! In fact, I've been thinking so much of you lately because I also enjoy (a lot!!) making mini-albums but I get involved with the digital projects and I usually end up not starting the ones I want to do! But now here I am finally making a new one, yaaay!!
Love the photos of fashionista Bryn, she's gorgeous! And love the outdoor photos too!!

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