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September 08, 2009



congrats on winning STM! when i saw that layout, i just had a feeling you were gonna win that challenge! :)

and how unfortunate that illinois lost because i was born in chicago, so i would have rooted from IL. haha! :) we'd be on opposing teams!

and again, i'm so glad that both you and bryn enjoyed that layout! :) as a matter of fact, i was feeling self conscious over that layout because it's not really my style... but i'm glad it came out okay.

hope you are having a wonderful tuesday thus far!



Cheesecake factory eh? :) R u a football fan or "just" a Tigers fan? hee hee... We have the MN Golden Gophers. I am NOT a fan, lol. But I do bleed Purple for the Vikings :) That layout is so very sweet and I would be so very touched as well. I'm just glad that you are all okay!

Georgia Visacri

Ooooooooh, Bryn looks so cute on her tiger outfit, Deana... am I sensing a FAB layout coming with this adorable photo? Hopefully :)

Love the gorgeous page Sarah made for you!!!



cute pics.
ouch for illinois!
the LO was a very nice gesture for sure.

Chris A

I am having trouble posting to your blog - maybe it's the weather here so I will try to rewrite everything I just wrote and lost - congrats! congrats! on winning STM - I just loved that upwards photo of Bryn - so cool! Dan was watching several college football games and a golf tournament that afternoon but you know I am a Mizzou fan having grown up in KC - I just love that photo of Bryn as a Tiger - you have to do a layout! And I am so happy everything turned out fine healthwise for you. How worrying that must have been! Hope your week continues as well as it has started!!!!

Michelle Turner

what an awesome friend you have in's the little things that mean so much huh!!

Great football pics, love em!

Shell x

Beth Perry

Yeah, I saw that layout Sarah made on her blog just now. Isn't it sooo pretty! And so nice!
And I am loving all those pics from the game. You have one gorgeous family!


*sigh* love U, love Bryn, love Sarah....*sigh* :):):):):):):):):):):)


awww...Deana. The story made me tear up. You gotta love those wonderful encouragers in your life! I am so glad Sarah did that for you! You are lovely! :)

It looks like you had a wonderful time watching college football too! :)

<3 B


Bryn looks so stinking cute with the tiger ears!! Looks like a fun game. I so miss sitting in the "Sea of Red" back home watching the Huskers in Memorial Stadium. College FB is the best!

The page from Sarah is so cute and so sweet! Glad all turned out well for you :)


That is a realy nice LO. I love the picture of Bryn "tiger". So cute! Glad to see you had a realy nice day at the game and good food and friends!


First off Bryn looks totally cute in her "gear"! Hailey and I have been wanting to see the new American Girl doll movie just haven't the time yet. I got her the Chrissa doll for the first day of school.. Have a great week


Michelle Baca

I just love that photo of Bryn... {{HUGS}} Michelle

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