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September 17, 2009


Beth Perry

awwww such an awesome post! love the goodies you got from Sarah and love that cute layout! That kit looks pretty yummy!
TGIF tomorrow! yaya!
ARe you doing the online SIS crop?
I haven't signed up, but it is only $10.00 if I decide I want to do it this weekend.

Lisa Howard

Ummm, the kit and add-on looks YUMMY! And your LO is adorable...of course ALL your work is! I love all the sweet little details and the stitching! Too cute!

YAY for happy mail! Always a good day when you get treasures in your mail box. Looks like Bryn scored! She looks so pretty in the pics...she has the bluest eyes! Gorgeous!!!

You asked about my neck/back...its getting better. Most days are good ones but I can tell when I overdo it. When I get the all clear to work out again then I KNOW I will be better! LOL! I miss it soooooo much!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo L


Oh Deana, that kit club is just realy amazing, I really have loved every kit you've ever shown us on your blog. OA and Sass and beans, what's not to love right? fantastic layout! such cute pictures of your DD and new supplies :)

Georgia Visacri

OMG OMG OMG, Deana, the furry friends layout is the cutest thing ever, I love it sooooooo much, absolutely totally adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Bryn is a gorgeous and photogenic girl... and she looks so happy on the photos!!!!
Cant wait to see what you'll come up with that kit!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so glad that you guys received the package!!! ...and i'm even happier that bryn enjoyed her stash of goodies with the doggy pic! :) i knew she'd think that pic was cute! :)

too bad i can't bring the pups with us to AZ. when are you guys coming out to northern cali?!

i'm thinkin of getting that kit... how do i put in an order for sept?


Chris A

Yay! for happy mail - and those photos of Bryn are so so happy!!!! Glad you enjoyed the templates but wait -- I found another one of a shoe!!!!! It's 3dimensional - you could actually use it to hold candy or ?
Sounds like you are having a great week!

Michelle Turner

Bryn looks so happy in those pics, what a gorgeous girl!

LOVE the kit - looks gorgeous, can't wait to see what you create with it. In Australia, it takes so long for those new releases to reach our stores. I've normally seen everything on blog posts before it hits us. I guess there is one way to combat that, move to the USA! :)

That layout is gorgeous. I know just what you're going through with Bryn. Abbey suffers asthma so no hairy pets in our house either - she does have a bird. We have quite a pile of the stuffed dogs and cat to compensate and they are treated just like real pets. You have given me a great idea and I will have to take pics and scrap them.

have a great day
shell x


That KIT is AWESOME!!!! AND LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the HAPPY MAIL!! LUCKY BRYN! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Michelle Baca

yeah for happy mail... don't ya just love it??? can't wait to see what you do with that kit!{{HUGS}} Michelle

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