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September 26, 2009



Uaretheluckiestflippinwomanintheentireflippinuniverse!! Holy of chris's paintings? Are u kidding me??? Wowwwwwwwwwwww.....gorgeous! Loveeeeeee it! And what a precious note bryn gave u....*sigh* and hmmmmmmmmmm what makes me happy today? That u are on that treadmill and not! Love ya! :):):):):):):):):)

Chris A

thank you for your kind words! You are so sweet and deserve every kind of goodness! Speaking of, I can't believe Bryn did that - she's better than I am on the computer! Have a great weekend!


I love this post!!! GREAT photos and so much to read that makes me happy because it made you happy!
That painting of Chris, wow, you are sooooo lucky!! And what a beautiful interior you have, so stylish!
And that note of Brynn....sooo sweet of her!!
No, I didn't see that picture of chocolate!!!!! lol
Enjoy your rainy weekend!!



I can see why you are so happy! You deserve it. I'm happy today cause my oldest brother came to visit with his girlfriend, which I hadn'd met yet. Very nice by the way, and my brother broth some pic from moose hunting and gave me some moose meat. I love it! He also bought one of my cards that I've been making. The gift card. I also rec'd an early birthday card from my 4th brother, he's 4 yrs older than me. The card made me laugh, it said: Birthday's are like cats, you wake up one morning and it just jumps in your face. And the picture is a close-up face of a cat! They are calling for rain for a few days to come. We have been spoiled with the sun lately. We had beautiful weather. Have a nice evening!


Wow, you are a very lucky girl indeed :) Your DD is so so so sweet! That watercolor is gorgeous! and chocolate? What could be better? Sausage of course, lol. xxoo


Love your happy list!! What a sweet note, Bryn is such a sweetie!! Been meaning to make a happy list too, will have to now!! Have a good weekend!!

kim whitten

Chris is so uber talented! I love the painting. That Bryn is just precious...You are definitely a blessed mom to have such a sweetie. :)


YES YES YES... chris should get an etsy shop already! :)

and game nights are the best! what game did you guys play?!

bryn's the sweetest little girl anyone could ever ask for. (gloria thinks so too -- she saw the note she typed up) you should keep all of her notes and create a book. :) that would prob make your FAV book!


Georgia Visacri

OooooOOOoooh, I'm very touched by Bryn's notes, Deana, I wonder how happy those make you feel and I loove the watercolor Chris sent you, very beautiful!

And I'm thinking... I don't know what is making me happy today by I do feel happy, :) :)

hope you're having a great Sunday


I love to laugh real hard like that!! And that SWEET note from Bryn is just the best!!...Enjoy your Sunday!!

Glenda T.

What a gorgeous painting!! I loved seeing a bit of your house, it looks beautiful! You are sooooo lucky to get notes like that, cherish them. Time goes waaaayyyy too fast and then all of the things that used to make us smile or warm our hearts seem like such a distrant memory. Ok, that was sad!! haha But very true, I know! I look back on pictures when my kids were young and the feelings are so bittersweet. I have no plans today, I'm having my coffee and going to make something. I'll post a pic of all those damn paints I bought too. I have no clue where I'm going to store them but did that stop me from leaving the store with them all?? nope. grrrr....

Beth Perry

Chris is very talented. such beautiful art.
I love that note Bryn left..what a sweetie!
Glad you had a good weekend, babe!

nicole renee

The painting is beautiful, love that picture of your kitchen! Beautiful!


Thank you for the good wishes you left on my blog.


Ok, I want to know what Marci said! :P Getting ready for your visit here soon! Love you friend!


That is just the sweetest note!!! What a beautiful picture... you're a lucky girl... what makes me happy today... I'm happy that my Rainee-bear is starting to feel better... she's been sick all weekend... and now I can see a smile on her face... Have a super day! {{HUGS}} Michelle

Sasha Farina

oh Bryn... you melt my heart!

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