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September 03, 2009



You had quite the ordeal! I'm sure the not knowing really added to the stress. Good to hear all is well. We lost my grandmother to breast cancer on New Year's Day 2000. I am glad they were so thorough with you. ;)


PHEW (to reading your essay, jk!) -- I'm so glad that you got the news you (and the rest of us) wanted to hear.

Definitely, this is a celebration for LIFE! I say drink a glass of wine because I sure did while reading your post! haha.

...and doesn't anxiety suck?! I totally hate it. lol.



Reading your ordeal is scary enough and felt LONG enough, coz I just wanted to get to the part where you said "I'm fine." can't imagine sitting there waiting and getting tested this and that and then some for 3.5 hours!! ugh!! So relieved to hear that you are okay!!! (HUGS)


My first comment was going to be, hey, you changed up the look of the blog, but then got distracted by your post, LOL.

Glenda T.

Wow, I can really relate to this as it's very similar to mine last year except I had to get my retakes while I was still there after the first go-round, which really freaked me out. I'm soooo glad you are ok and sooo sad for that woman that walked out probably not ok. How sad that as women we have breasts that nurture life and are so amazing but can also turn on us and get cancer. I wish they would find a cure for this once and for all. If I lived by you I would totally crack a beer (or 3 or 4....) and celebrate with you!!!


I'm sorry you had go through such a stressful experience. Im happy to hear that the outcome was positive! Hope you're enjoying that really deserve it tonight!! :)


Deana! My Aunt gets them all the time! Glad you are well friend! Love you!


I had tears in my eyes reading this.. Cancer runs my family(my grandma died of it and my mother had to have her ovaries removed because of it). It can be a very scary thing. I am so happy you are ok and can celebrate life for many more years to come. Hugs for your dramatic day!


Deana--that was quite the ordeal. You are very blessed and I'm glad you have a grateful attitude about the situation. My dear friend that I walk with each week has been fighting breast cancer for almost 5 years now. She is only 32. Thanks for sharing your story.


I just put on my make-up but after reading your story, I have to begin all over again, because there are tears rolling down my eyes, making me look like a clown
I'm so happy that everything turned alright for you, Deana!!!!!!!! So happy!!
Enjoy life!
And when I'm on a Greek terrace, I'll drink a wine at your health!!
Hugs, Jenneke


LOVE your new blog-layout, btw!!!!!!

Michelle Turner

Deana, my dear blogging buddy, I wish I could give you a big hug right now! I have goose bumps and feel so emotional after reading about your torment.

I am SO pleased all worked out OK and thanks for sharing your personal ordeal with us all. Keeping up to date with our "lady appointments" is so very important and reminders like this post of yours is just what some women need to get their butt out there and have it all looked at.

Enjoy your wine and remember....when you exercise and eat well you're looking after your body, more often than not, it will look after you in return!!

Keep on running girlfriend, you keep me motivated!

Shell xx


You had me scared there for awhile, few! I am so glad that everything is ok. You do everything right, exercice, healthy food and a balance life. You are bless and you take good care of your body and soul. hug!


I did make it to the end of this beautiful post....and I'm having a Diet Mountain Dew with U right now!!! hehehehehehe :) I'm glad that everything turned out ok....and I am HAPPY HAPPY that Bob's pinky swear WORKED its charm!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE U........and loving the new blog look! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Beth Perry

whew ;)

Beth Perry

and I like your new blog design


This gave me chills. I would have been so nervous too...and I'm so glad you're ok.

And I love your music choices!!!



So very glad all is well!

Andi @udandi

Happy it all turned out well, but that waiting must have made for a knotted up stomach!

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