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September 09, 2009


kim whitten

great 9 on 9.9.09!
I heart those shoes. *SWOON*
We need a new 'do shot too!


loves. :) This list is fabulous, deana! :)


Michelle Turner

loving that bag!!


I must admit...I would LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE it if ALL RETAIL STORES actually had ENOUGH employees that actually gave a crap that I was there and DID ask me if there was anything I need!! LOL!!!! Yes, my name is Julie and I am an EX-RETAIL MANAGER (12 years thank U very much!!!! LOL) and I actually hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it when I wander and wander and wander trying to FIND ANYONE that can help me....and ummmmmmmmmm when I do....they are rude and act like I am bothering I have noooooooooooo idea what their job is like.....LOL LOL LOL.....and YES....hello, my name is Julie and I am an EX EX EX EX Michael's shopper as they DRIVE ME CRAZY as the employees are rude and annoying and really wouldn't know a craft if it was made for them...LOL LOL LOL....can NOT speak for all MICHAEL's of the ones I have in Phoenix!!!! LOL!!!! There she goes again on a tangent....some one SHUT HER UP!!! LOL!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE U and thanks for letting me ramble....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and I loveeeeeeeeeee the purse! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


1. that bag is SOOOOOO cute! i want it.

2. why the heck would anyone ask anyone for help esp if they were preoccupied reading a magazine?!

3. that's a CUTE dress!!!

4. i want to see a pic with the new do!

5. congrats on being on the GCD blog! :) wahooooo!!!

happy thursday!


Andi @udandi

OMG, i'm terrible and haven't been here in a while...I like the new look! (and I can sign in with twitter or facebook? so fancy!)

so we do roving reference and we have to walk around asking if people need help, we get annoyed that we have to bother people who are browsing/reading BOOKS! I just walk around smiling...


That bag is awesome! Love it


oh, and i forgot to add....

other than my new brand being true.... clinique is my other top choice.

and origins too. hahaha


Michelle Baca

OMG, forgive me I seem to be slacking off on my comments... what's up with that? I'm terrible

love all the fun stuff... and the dress is perfect for a fashion show...

the card is awesome....

and don't ya just love it when you're reading a mag... and someone asks if they can help you... uhhh no... I'm reading! lol!!!
{{HUGS}} Michelle

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