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August 18, 2009



LOVE that adorable card!!!! And that layout looks like it flew off a page of magazine, I mean that design is just really awesome, copying it down right now! :)


faaaaabulous layout!!! I don't know how you do it.. your layouts look so amazing every single time! :)

Antonia Krajicek

Cute card and layout! I like the Who, What, Where, When stamp. I'm going to have to get my hands on one! Happy last day of summer to you and Bryn :)

Lisa Howard

Ah! That last day of summer...I always hated to see it come around. I loved the excitement of a new school year for me and my kids but that last day always left me a bit melancholy.

I love your GCD LO! Is that your awesome strawberry vodka martinis? Makes this one a double YUM...yummy papers...yummy drinks...just Y-U-M! :)

Tell Bryn I wish her the best of luck for her 3rd grade year. Give her an extra squeeze from me as you send her off!!!


What an adortable card. Love the owl! The LO is great. As for summer being over, I can understand your point of vue, but here it feels like it's starting, weather wise! We've had 5 sticky days, hot & humid. Tomorrow should be in the mid twenty without humidity. That I could take everyday! Fall only arrives in late september, right?


LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the card and the LO!!!! And tell Bryn to have a FAB first day in the 3rd grade! :):):):):):):):):)

Amber Zimmerman

Hey girlie! In two days my little girls start school too. One second grader and one fourth (the first grader I homeschool). Anyways, I know I'll have to have some "puffs" on hand for the tears and runny nose I'll have. =( Your invitation is adorable! Sounds like you have a busy week. . .hope it's a great one!


CUUUUUUUUUUTE card. i should have bought that for my housewarming invites. ( i still need to take a pic of those). anyway, I LOVE IT!

i was in napa today, and i found some of nikki's papers! i was so excited, so i bought the whole halloween line! :)

anyway, LOVE that layout. i love the placement of your title!


nicole renee

Love the card, so cute!


CUUUUTE invite, and I love the flowers on the "cocktails" LO!! Hope Bryn has a great first day of school!

Beth Perry

Cute card! I am so glad you and Julie got me turned on to Nikki's site! I love her lines!!! I am hoping to create with the Cherry Line soon! :D
mmm mm on the happy mail!
And I felt my cover "sucked" too...until I read something great that Vee said, "if you don't like something, cover it up" that is what I did. I added a '9' and sprayed again and I loved it! lol
Love ya girlie! Can't wait to see your Vee mini!

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