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July 05, 2009



Our 4th was rainy and dreary. So, no fireworks or grilling out. Baked chicken and house renovation for us! :)


rainy days are the best! Well, I love them anyway :)

kim whitten

looks like you made the best of it!
Great scraproom you've got there BTW! :)


Those photos just make me smile!!!!!!! LOVE that U had a good day anyways! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


The 4th of July isn't a special day here in Holland, but here it was HOT, sooooo HOT!!! About 30 degrees and that's really hot for our country!
At this moment it's raining and everybody loves it, lol.
LOVE your pictures! And Bryn is going to be Americans Top Model 2015!!!!

diane Dolan

I LOVE your craft room. We had on and off rain, so I spent the day at a one-woman crop over at sistv. It was really very relaxing.


I grew up in Kansas City, Mo and remember how we used to have lots of thunderstorms on the 4th. It looks like you had a good 4th in spite of the rain. Here in Florida, it was hot hot hot and for once, no rain. We grilled spare ribs, and had corn and veggies for dinner. I love Bryn's teeshirt! Have a great rest of the weekend!


Here in Mirabel, Qc, Canada, we had a full week of rain and humidity. Saturday, it didn't rain but it was very windy and cold. Today (Sunday) was the best day. We had sunny breaks, mild temp.And I finaly went for a decent bicycle ride. We have a beautiful sun set now. More rain to come on Tuesday. Love the sparklers!

Beth Perry

That looks alot like my weekend! lol
I did get a lot of scrapbooking done, though. :D

julie weis

it all looks so cozy!!
that is pretty much how my weekend was too. kind of felt like fall instead of summer.
your glass of wine looks so

have a great week.
love ya,
julie w


What a fun weekend! Playing in your scrapbook room always makes for a great day! You should post new pictures of your purged and clean scrapbook room. Show us any organizing tips! Have a great Monday.

sasha farina

looks like a cosy evening.. one burning question from the little ladies of my house.. where did Bryn get that tank from? majorly cute!

Lisa Howard

Hate you had rain, but you sure know how to make the most of any given situation! I have to tell you I LOVE seeing your family photos. Everyone always looks so happy to be together...the love just jumps out and grabs you! :)


Awww bummers about the rain! I'm glad all of you guys were productive over the weekend though.

...and I'm also glad you guys got a break in the rain to have fun with the little sparklers! :)

Let's hope this is a great week ahead of us!



Great pictures. Oh and I still so LOVE that scrapbook room of yours.;)!

susan bourgeois

I just have to comment! I have a daughter who is 8 named Bryn (spelled the same) and she is wearing that same LToo "Girls just want to have Sun" tank. Small world!

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