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June 09, 2009


Glenda T.

Well of course she picked you because you rock!!! Congrats girly!! Woot!! Love the pics of you jumping for joy! Oh, went back to the dentite this morning and he shaved some of the bite down and said to try that (yeah right eh?) and if it got worse or not better we would look into a root canal as maybe something is wrong with the nerve. OMG! But he seems to think it's just sensitive but I'm not too sure.....

greta adams

huge congrats girl...that is so exciting and i LOVE those papers...i will def be purchasing some...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYN!! she is a fellow gemini like me. tell her i said us GEMINI's ROCK!!! :)

mandie segura

Congrats! :) So happy for you!


COngrats Deana!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am soooo happy for you (and Julie too!) and I'm sure you will make the most wonderful things with this new paperline!!
LOVE your pictures!!!!!
And THANKS so much for sending me your Happy Mail!!!
Wow, this is such a happy post!!


EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooo EXCITED to be on another TEAM WITH U!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee those PHOTOS too!!! Dang girl....U CAN JUMP....and I LOVEEEEEEEEE the "not 6 months prego" shot!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYN!!!! U have an 8 YEAR OLD....lord oldest will be 20 ...YES 20 this YEAR!!!! UGH!!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!!! And is that me JULIE for your RAK or another one???? If its me....heck U know my addy....and if its for another Julie...than CONGRATS to her!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Nikki Sivils

Deana- I'm so happy you are on my DT!!! And so far I think you may have the best "so excited" pics and blog entry!! Talk with ya soon!
-Nikki Sivils

Amber Zimmerman

Yay D!!!! THat is great news!! Can't wait to see the beautiful creations you come up with. yay to Julie too!! =)


Congrats! You're so talented and certainly deserve it!

nicole renee



I am SOOOO freakn happy for you girl .. SO HAPPY Congrats boo .. BOUT TIME .. love it the news .. and the pics of you are SOOOO cute .. lolol


Woohooo!!!!!! That is FANTASTIC! Congratulations! I am suuper happy for you :).

and I loooooove those photos! They are so fun!!! :)


Congrats Deana!! Im making my way through the amazing list *waving madly* - looking forward to "working" with you!!



Congradulation Deana, wow , those are great picture. Happy birthday Bryn! hoop hoop houray!


Hey again! Yep, I just googled everyone - I've popped everyone up on a list on my blog now - it's a loooong list, lol, on the right side of my blog if ur interested :D


oh my crap that is fantastic. I am so excited for you.. Big hugs,, bask in your glory today!


To my fav. scrapper!!!!!

CONGRATS!!!! and another big congrats!!!!!
the paper is cute, and i can't wait to see you use it. i'm not surprised that she picked you to be on the DT. your work is always so genuinely true to who you are.

hope to post a new blog soon. argh. i totally need to catch up.


OH -- and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bryn!!! wahooo!!!! hope you have a great day girl!!!


Congrats to you too, glad to be on the team with you! I didn't get a phone call, just an email. I think that's a good thing, I would've sounded like a blubbering idiot otherwise, lol!

Jodi Wilton

CONGRATS!!! Can't wait to work with you too!!! HOW EXCITING FOR US!!!


Congratulations Deana! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to work with you! Cool shots too! ;)


What a totally fun post!!!!So excited to be working with you and your daughter is a total cutie...I have a son going into 3rd grade too. Such a fun age.

 Beth Perry

OMG, GIRL!! That is sooo awesome and those papers are freaking yummy!!! Oh yeah, baby!! so proud of you!
And heck yes I want me some tags! lol :P
I will email you now! :D


wow, you sure look as happy as I feel. I almost fell of my chair when I got the mail. I guess we Willie-Bee's feel so proud!
Look forward to work with you too, thank you for your comment on my blog!
Hugs from the Netherlands

kim whitten

love the photo shoot!

big, big, BIG Congrats for being selected - that paper looks incredibly delish!

So excited to get one of your RAKs! I'll shoot you an email. Thanks a bunch! :)


Yayyyy, congrats! I'm so happy for you and Julie! You girls deserve the best things in life! You rock!


Congrast on makingthe team I so love your jumping for joy pics.


Deana, these photos are so cute of you guys. Hey, thanks for the rak, you're too sweet!

Susan Dupre

Bhwahaa - I just love the comment about being 6 moths pregnant!! Adorable!! Congrats - look forward to working with you!

Lisa Howard

Congrats!!!! You will do a MARVELOUS job! LOVE the pics!!!

Jana Eubank

LOL! Love your happy jump pictures! Congratulations!!! I'm looking forward to working together! :)

Hilde Janbroers

congrats!!! I'm so happing to be on the team with you!


Wow what an honor but not completely unfounded! You are truly an awesome "artist" so you really deserve it. I love the pictures of you jumping they are awesome. Have a wonderful weekend!

Andi @udandi

Wow! congratulations and what fun photos to celebrate! do you get to go to CHA, too?

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